Monthly Updates! – April 2017.

Hello! Earlier this month, I put a poll on Twitter to see if people wanted me to start a monthly updates series on otoges. I am aware that some bloggers already do this, however I haven’t seen this being done for dating-sim centered OELVNs or with visual novels that have female protagonists. While, I will be tracking otoges in this series, I will try to place an emphasis on OELVNs!

announcements - spring

  • Several otome companies had fun pulling out April Fool’s Day related games!
  • One company that wasn’t joking around was ROSEVERTE, when they announced How to Fool a Liar King, a sequel to How to Take off Your Mask! They have also released a short PV with the Japanese voices.
  • Another company that wasn’t fooling around is Poni-Pachet is going forward with creating OZMAFIA!!0 -REFLEXION-, a prequel to the first Ozmafia!! as shown with during their Un-Secret Meeting.  They also released a short PV with the new heroine and some new and old characters.  
  • Mangagamer started the announcements for convention season with 3 Bishoujo titles and 1 BL. They have also update the translation status of their games and secrets project throughout the month.
  • The Pirate Mermaid has both its English and Japanese cast announced. They have also launched a Steam Greenlight for the game.
  • Akash: Path of the Five has been slated for a PSVITA release.
  • Team Precatio has placed Kokorogawari on Steam Greenlight.
  • Pillow Fight Games have announced their sophomore mystery game, Ghosts of Miami! People can play the demo and vote for it on Steam Greenlight.
  • Hanako Games has released the demo and pre-orders for England Exchange!
  • Eirrir Games has announced their new game Operation: Future Domination.
  • Laniessa Games has announced their first game, Save the Princess!
  • Cybird has announced Ikémen Sengoku: Romances Across Time for the Western market with a Summer 2017 release date!
  • Via Amazon, Collar x Malice has been given the tentative release date of July 28th, 2017!

releases - spring

  • NanoReno 2017 ended earlier this month. All 70+ submissions can be found on their itchio and Lemmasoft pages.
    • This, My Soul was released as well through itchio!
  • Cinderella Phenomenon (Dicesuki) was released to the general public. It also had a later Steam release.
  • AIRIS is now on Android and is on Steam as well.
  • YETU Game finally released the English demo of 尘沙惑(Lost in Secular Love)via Steam/MegaUpload and is looking for volunteers to proofread their nearly completed translation.
  • Voltage Inc. released Let’s Snuggle VR with Scorpio from Star Crossed Myth on both Apple and Android.
  • D3Publisher released Nightshade (百花百狼) via Steam.
  • Mistress Contract was re-released for Android.
  • Hanataba Translations has completed and released the English patch for Ayakashi Gohan.
  • FancyFish Games released  < Reality > through Steam, soon to be followed by one on itchio.
  • BionicPenguin through Sekai Project released The Falconers: Midnight.
  • Dogenzaka Lab released OperaHouse’s The Charming Empire.
  • NTTSolmare released their latest game, Shall We Date: Modern Cinderella, on Apple and Android.
  • My Sweet Pianist was released for Android.
  • Vampire Idol was released on Android.
  • Tokilove / Office Love s also now available on Android.
  • Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness has been released on Steam.
  • HuneX has released Arcana Famiglia: Piccola Amore,  the mobile spin-off to Arcana Famiglia for Android and Apple!
  • Askys Games released Period Cube ~Shackles of Amadeus~ through Amazon, GameStop, BestBuy, and various other retailers.

updates - spring

  • As of the end of this month, Voltage Inc’s standalone Anemix Apps: Astoria: Fate’s Kiss, Gangsters in Love, and Castaway! Love’s Adventure will be removed from the Apple App Store and Google Play. This will not affect if you already have them on your device nor will it harm your account in any way.
    • The Love Struck App is bringing back an older Voltage Entertainment game on May 2nd as Speakeasy Tonight.
  • Dark Nights now has everything “in HD”.
  • The Letter is moving forward with their Q2 released and has released an animated video!
  • OtomeTrash Games is now working on the script of Hellfire and revamped their site.
  • Ebullience Games has created a Patreon as they shift focus to working on The Masquerade Killer.  They have also formed ASTER*SM with Studio Dipper.
  • NAIVESPRITES has announced they are going to be at A-Kon. People interested in their merch can check out their Storenvy for early pick-up!
  • Reverie: Ebon Light has updated its process with new screenshots.
  • Amber’s Magic Shop was moved onto beta testing and is available for preorder.
    • WinterWolves has also released an update about Love Bites and no stat raising!
  • Angels with Scaly Winds has received a performance update. They are also looking for fan translators for the game.
  • Fatal Twelve Kickstarter was successful and reached 1 of its stretch goals.
  • Hakuouki: Kyoto Winds Pre-orders have started with Idea Factory International releasing an unboxing video of all its content!
  • The Changeling Kickstarter was successful! The writing is moving forward smoothly as well.
  • Aeon Dream Studios gave us a sneak peek of Hikaru’s route with a released date set for May 2017! They are also currently looking for various translators for their BTS-related project, To the Edge of the Sky.
  • AIdol: Artificial Intelligence Idol is currently on Kickstarter!
  • Floret Bond has had all its backgrounds completed! It can also be found on Steam Greenlight.
  • Women of Xal’s creators have been working on character and background designs!
  • Seraphinite Games has gone back to work on Touch of Fae and The Wayhaven Chorinicles. They have also updated the latter with more dialogue!
  • InvertMouse’s The Last Birdling has been Greenlit on Steam! You can try the demo now as well.
  • Meowly Productions has released new screenshots for the game, Change! They are currently aiming for a Summer 2017 release!
  • After months of silence, Audilis has sadly released its final update that it will not be able to complete Love is a Game. People who donated to their Kickstarter will be refunded and the company will eventually dissolve as well.
  • Lads in Distress has set a tentative release date for their updated demo for July 1st, 2017! They have also been working on new character designs!
  • ImpQueen Games has released an update for all 3 of their games, but don’t expect a released until 2018.
  • Wilder — Bahadur’s Story release date has been pushed back.
  • Pineapple Harem is looking for a female composer/musician for Siren’s Plea.
  • Chronotopia is making steady progress with its scripting and art!
  • Yuscake is currently looking for some help from translators in order to move for with the English path for Un:Birthday Song and a ROM hacker for their Brothers Conflict path!

events - spring

Idea Factory International is having its 1st Hakuoki Festival + Cafe in Torrance, CA! After two rounds of sold out tickets, participants will be welcomed with merchandise, fun activities, and various other things!


Mangagamer is gonna be at Anime Central from May 18th – 21st! They have 2 announcements ready to revealed during their panel and will have a booth with merch as well!

Sekai Project is also slated to have a booth and panel at Anime Central as well. Maybe, they’ll announce something too?

interesting posts - spring

Here are some great articles/blog posts that I read this month. Hopefully, you’ll fine something you’ll want to read as well!

  • Irresistible Mistakes Character Review: Toshiaki Kijima — Cherry just recently started writing review,  but she gives some great depth to her what she enjoyed from the bachelor and the route. I especially enjoyed this review since it really won me over to try Kijima’s route because of his story and demeanor, even though he has a troupe I don’t exactly enjoy.
  • Otomania! – In light of Wrestlemania happening earlier this month, Ellyberries created a brake system game pinning otome games against each other, so that people can decide their favorite or the one they want to see the most for an English release. However, what is great about this series, is that Elly gives a very detailed description to each otome game in the playing!
  • Side Kicks! Summaries — If you’re interested in more recent otoges coming from Japan, Theresa did a great summary series from the recent release Side Kicks! She writes some great summaries with her own commentary along the way!
  • What is Otome Game? – If you are new to otome games or if you want to explain the genre someone, Cannon does a great job in explaining what an otome game is and what makes it so unique!


8 responses to “Monthly Updates! – April 2017.

  1. This is a great series, very informative! You had a couple games I didn’t know about, but I’m interested in looking into now. Thank you so much *A* I look forward to the next one!


  2. Thank you for the kind words and mention! I’m glad that you decided to give his route a go, despite it not usually being what you enjoy 🙂


  3. Wow thank you for the updates!

    How about the english patch updates? Un:Birthday song are looking for translators and brothers conflict patch update are looking for rom hackers.


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