Rose in the Embers – Kyosuke Takatsukasa (Main Story) Review.

  •  After being brought into House Takatsukata as a maid, the main character tries her hardest to find her own space within a household that doesn’t seem to want her and a Lord that is always teasing her.
  • As she slowly gets used to everything, life throws her a curveball in the form of the real side of Kyosuke but also his potential marriage.
  • She comes to realize that she is in love with him, all hell breaks lose as his mother doesn’t want him to have anything to do with her.

★ ☆ ✰ Rating: 8.5/10

The main character is from the country side and it shows at times because there are certain things that confuse and awe her when in the city. She is very hardworking and tries to learn everything about being a maid quickly, though she does make mistakes she tries to fix them. She has a tendency of fighting Kyosuke’s teasing and they have playful banter between them if the right choices are made. Because of who he is, she seems weary of Kyosuke and what he wants from her, but she lets her guard down as she gets to know him more. She is also very naive and tends to scare at the thought of class and status, as shown with her doubts about her relationship with Kyosuke and how she handles interacting with his mother.

Kyosuke Takatsukata is the heir to an earldom and also helps the main character out of her situation by bringing her into his household as a maid, though they do have an interesting first meeting. Kyosuke is very much is own person and does things that aren’t normal for his class, such as run a business. While, he is one of the most talked about figures, he also tends to get talked about behind his back which leads him to not trust other people besides his small group of friends. Due to his background, he isn’t willing to play as someone else’s puppet nor does he really believe in love. He has a tendency of teasing the main character, a side that is only shown to her since he tends to put up a mask very well around the public that is watching him. He knows that there are certain things expected of him, but he wants to be his own person and not someone that simply clings to his title and birthrights. While, he wants all of this, he becomes more protective of his ideals once he meets the main character.

After an awkward first night together, the main character is welcome into Kyosuke’s household as a maid and while it takes her some time and effort she gets good at her job within the garden, paticulary in taking care of the camellias. Kyosuke is always teasing her and she is warned not to get to close to him, but he has other plans as he thanks her for helping out a business deal. At the same time, there is a lot of talk about Kyosuke’s potential marriage into royalty and while it doesn’t bother her at first, the main character seems sullen about the idea. However, Kyosuke is always seeking her out which leads to a scandal where she ends up learning more about his past and might even end up eloping with him!?

As the first route of this game, it really sent the message of different classes and just that time in history really well to the the player, and there was a lot of drama surrounding it because of Kyosuke’s past and his status. The player can also see that the main character does have a different connection with him compared to how he acts with other people, especially his mother. There is a lot of background stuff that dictates a lot of the present situation for the main character, such as the possible marriage and Kyosuke’s past but it doesn’t completely entrench the story in it. I also enjoyed Kyosuke’s relationship with the main character because its light and teasing compared to all the drama that seems to surround them. I also enjoyed the symbolism that come into play when it came to the play and the opera later on i the story.

I think the main conflict will remind people of those old dramas where the mother just hates the main character because they are not right for their son, but this comes with a little twist — and depending how much the player enjoys those stories will equate to how much they will enjoy this route. In terms of supporting characters Mrs. Kiyo and the rest of the gangs have their moments, though it is towards the end of the story. In terms of theme, it seems to be that you shouldn’t let others dictate your life, Kyosuke struggles a lot with this and even the main character does as well and it isn’t until he realizes that they are in love, that he finally pushes his own happiness ahead, even if it will still take them awhile to be together.

This was a nice story to start of the game with and Kyosuke is actually a really stand-up guy, so if you like his type consider checking his route out!

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