Rose in the Embers – Takahisa Togo (Main Story) Review.

  •  After being brought into House Togo as a maid, the main character tries her hardest to find her own space within a household that doesn’t seem to want her.
  • As she slowly gets used to everything, life throws her a curveball in the form of seeing a different side to Captain Togo.
  • All hell breaks loose as Captain Togo gets shots, the truth is revealed and the main character comes to realize that she cares about him more than a maid should.

★ ☆ ✰ Rating: 8.5/10

The main character is from the country side and it shows at times because there are certain things that confuse and awe her when in the city. She is very hardworking and tries to learn everything about being a maid quickly, though she does make mistakes she tries to fix them. She tends to have a stubborn side as shown later on when she refuses to stop helping Captain Togo. Because of who he is, she is a little scared of him at first, but as she learns more about him, she falls in love and believes that there is a motive/reason for everything that he does, even though he is silent about it. She is very naive when it comes to love, so it takes her sometime to realize what she is truly feeling, but there is also a sweet side to her in that way as she is shown sharing stories with Suzuko. The main character also tries to see things from a distant and is very level-headed about all the things she has seen and making her own opinion about the events that surround her, though she does feel helpless when nothing can be done about it

Captain Togo is a military man through and through, a distance man with few words. The look on his face always makes him seem angry and his curt tone of voice scares most people, though not the central crew or his best friend Kyosuke. He tends to value efficacy above everything and tells the main character to do a good well done, though within her own limits and the rules that he sets up for her. Underneath his rough exterior, he is shown to have a kind side that cares deeply about his younger sister and men, though he had to grow up fast due to what happened to his parents. However, there is something that weights heavily on his heart due to his military past.

The main character is given to Captain Togo to work in his house and look after his little sister, though she doesn’t seem to liker very much either in the beginning. The main character tries her hardest to learn everything she needs to do to the best of her abilities, while also trying to get used to the intensity of both siblings. As she spends more time there, she comes to see that each of them have a kinder side to them and that Captain Togo had struggled a lot in order to push his house forward without the help of anyone else. She also comes to see that his men care about him deeply, but there are rumors are his promotion that makes the main character question Captain Togo and she ends up getting put into more danger when she comes to realize that there is someone seeing to hurt everything that he loves.

There isn’t a lot of romance in most of this route, but the player is given the sense of the main character trying to win Togo’s respect and how hard she works to achieve it, especially in the tea scene. The main character’s hard work is made evident to him and he slowly ends up falling for her, though his stubbornness and need to protect her pushes what they could actually have until the end of the story. The whole plot in regards to the military is a little emotional and while Togo’s intentions are understandable coming from his own personal background, the ending still feels a little weak.

The strongest supporting character seems to be Suzuko since she slowly starts to connect with the main character and they become good friends, to the point where Suzuki reveals her crush and they enjoy activities together, though she can still be a little scary sometimes. In terms of theme, it seems that people shouldn’t carry everything on their own. Captain Togo does this and had been doing so for years, but he needs a little extra help when it comes to the events of the main story, especially when he is trying to protect the people that he cares about.

Captain Togo has a solid story and it really does show how him and the main character create a foundation between each other before falling in love, though it’s a hard road with someone like him. But, if you want a solid story and the stoic guy, consider checking his route out.


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