Goodbye MDSOA.

It has been a couple of months since I last picked up this game, but I finally had the time to go through the extras of the Deluxe edition I received through Kickstarter and close off the tale of Tsubasa and her associates in Hagiwara University.

The Deluxe version of the game comes with two main extras: a Chaos story and POVs stories from the guys perspective, aside from that there is also bad endings added to Shou’s story. I will go a bit in-depth into all of this.

Shou’s Bad Endings — Shou is one of the character that I really enjoyed within this game and his relationship with Tsubasa just seems really sweet and supportive within his route. However, leading up to the bad endings, while there is still some of those sweet moments, Tsubsa seems more openly hostile towards Shou at times and it leads to both of them meeting their demise in different ways. The one that got more to me was the “Grey Ashes” bad ending because Shou could have come back, but because of her actions and decisions, he couldn’t which eventually leads to her passing out due to the emotional trauma and never seeing Shou again.

His POV Stories – Coming from a Voltage POV stand point, I was expecting all the main story to be told from the guy’s POV, instead it is certain scene told through his point-of-view. Each scene is different and takes place in different sections of the main story. For example, Hikaru’s takes place early on in his story, while Tatsuya’s and Shinji’s take place during the latter half. It doesn’t matter who you like, each story as a little bit more depth to the main bachelors and how they look at Tsubasa at a certain point within a story. One might not trust her at all, while another one of them is utterly in love with them and is willing to do anything to protect — your guess on who is who. The one I really enjoyed the most was Tatsuya’s because it puts one of my favorites scene in his route in a different perspective and for someone that feelings could be misunderstood because of his personality, there is no filter on what he is feeling during said scene and towards Tsubasa (man, when he says future wife at the end — it kills me).

Chaos Theory –  Now, this was the one I was the most interested in because of Galinn and the potential interactions that Tsubasa could have with him, especially in light of Hikaru’s route and it didn’t disappoint. The story starts off with some weird stuff going on and it confuses Tsubasa since everyone that she tries to seek out is acting strange or they don’t exist. Eventually she ends up calling for Tsuneka and Galinn from who she learns from that all the timelines she has lived through a merging and while it eventually stops, everyone seems to remember what has happened to them in these alternate timelines, especially Tsubasa who can remember all her other selves and their romances. At the same time, the player finally gets the answer as to what happened exactly to Shizuka and there is a lot of opened ended stuff in terms of both Echoes and sequels in a potential future.

Playing MDSOA has been very personal to me since it was one of the first games that I reviewed when I got into when I started writing about visual novels, so I feel that as I have grown it has been developed. The world and characters got more complex with each story and were improved upon time after time, there hasn’t been a thing that I haven’t enjoyed about the routes and the characters — and I miss them for now. Nevertheless, I look forward to see what Aeon Dream Studios has coming up soon, but I will always love the world and characters from MDSOA.


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