Our Two Bedroom Story – Kagetora Oji (Main Story) Review.

  • The main character finds herself getting a promotion that puts her working in creating a new magazine within Shiki Publishing’s with both old and new faces. However, she finds a rather antagonist co-worker in Kagetora Oji.
  • Due to her mother’s marriage, the main character also starts living in a new place, though she comes to find that there is  someone already living there.
  • She finds herself learning more about Kagetora and how much he is really hurting in regards to a certain part of his past.

★ ☆ ✰ Rating: 8/10

The main character is someone that works hard to do her job correctly, though she does need the occasional help here and there. She tends to be an easygoing person, but at times does let her worry consume her to a high degree. She cares a lot about other people and tends to forgive very easily. She gets pushed into some crazy situations but does her best to help Kagetora, even when he acts mean towards her. At the same time, she doesn’t let herself get pushed around and fights back. However, she cares deeply and more as she learns about his past.

Kagetora Oji is the crass and longer coworker of the main character when she moves to a new division in the beginning of the game. He seems to think very little of the main character’s potential and seems to not talk to anyone else besides Ayame in the office. He seems to be a little bit of a germ and neat freak, as detailed in the route. Due to being part of a political family, Kagetora seems to pushed into getting a girlfriend and being married soon, this is often done by his sister who likes to tease him as well. While, he might chastise her a lot, Kagetora seems to have a caring side and tends to look over the main character from time to time. He really loves classical music and knows how to play the piano and teaches the main character a thing about it, though it seems to be connected to a sadder part of his past as well.

The story starts off with Kagetora and the main character placed on an assignment together for the magazine in regards to classical music, while he doesn’t believe in her abilities the main character tries her hardest to learn more about Chopin. At the same time, she moves out after her mother remarries and finds herself living with Kagetora as his “girlfriend” in order to please his older sister. She eventually proves herself and gets to know a different, kinder side of Kagetora as they spend more time together, however her newest assignment in regards to a popular pianist has Kagetora pushing her away. In the end, she learns that these two have a shared past, but will that change her developing feelings?

To be honest, I am going to say that Kagetora’s story isn’t for everyone, he tends to look down on the main character for most of the story and the cute moments are towards the end of the story. There isn’t really closure for Kagetora, but some way there is as well because he has moved on but he still doesn’t get to talk to the pianist again and confront her about what she did, and she never really does seem sorry about it — just sorry for what happened to herself in the process. In terms of supporting case, the Seasonelle boys are there to show their support when the main character seems down and Ayame shares some words with her in regards to the past he shares with Kagetora. In terms of theme, it seems that don’t judge a book by its cover reigns supreme for both Kagetora and the main character in what they think about each other.

However, if you like this type of character, Kagetora fits the build well, so consider checking out the route if you do!



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