In The Box!: Code: Realize ~Future Blessings~ Limited Edition.

Back when the fandisk was announced for Western release, everyone was wondering whether it would be coming with a limited edition set since the only other game to get such treatment has been Hakuoki. It took some time, but it seems that Code: Realize‘s popularity was big enough that it has an LE announced, which ended getting sold out for pre-order in quite a few places. With what was being given along with the game, I knew I had to get and pretty much ordered it the day it was announced. While, it took awhile, I am glad to say that I wasn’t disappointed.

  It should be noted that I got the PSVita version of the LE because I already have the PSVita version of the original game. It has some great cover art and shows off all the characters well in some wedding clothing! It is also lovely to see that they put some of the other Japanese LE art to work as a little holding box for the games. It is good to see Finis and Herlock Sholmes!

Another part of the LE was the pins and little character cards that came with the box. The pins are really cute, while the character cards do a good job in showing off all the characters and their good points, especially if you are new to the game (i.e the PS4 version). The material that the character cards are made of is solid, though it does seem that people should be care if they don’t want to damage them. It is good to pair them off too and is a nice addition to the LE.

However, the best part of the LE has to be the cloth that shows off the whole team. It is a great picture and is made of some nice material! It has a beautiful design and is just the best thing overall.


Overall, this is a good LE and it has some many goodies to show off and great box that it come it, while showing off different aspects of the franchise in several styles, especially when you get something to put on display. I am really happy with this purchase and so excited to play this 2nd game!


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