Seduced in Sleepless City – Hibiki Shiina (Main Story) Review.

  • After Cinderella moves to New York City, the main character has the opportunity to get some exclusives for an upcoming musical performance.
  • She ends up meeting a certain composer that is going to be at the center of this event, Hibiki Shiina, though he doesn’t seem to have a fond relationship with the media.
  • As they spend more time together, the main character start to see a different side to him.

★ ☆ ✰ Rating: 8.5/10

The main character is an editor working for the magazine Cinderella and is trying to get a new assignment as she starts working from New York City. She tries her hardest an interview with Hibiki and while he doesn’t seem to keen on it at first, she doesn’t give up.  She is a highly curious person with a stubborn side  that doesn’t let up until she learns everything about the story or someone, she is shown researching music and working late hours in order to have the best articles possible, which catches his attention. She is called a workholic, which seems true with home much effort she puts into things. It is also pointed out that she is a hard worker that has struggled a lot and cares about her job dearly. She seems to pick up on the “tsundere” side of Hibiki rather quickly and just brushes it aside or can tease him about depending on the choices, which is kind of fun to see.

Hibika Shiina is a composer that is setting himself up big in New York through a concert. In the beginning, he seems a bit standoffish and doesn’t seem to like the main character because of her job and tends to say some mean things to her early on. Like the main character, he tends to be a workholic and gets angry at anybody that ruins his progress. However, he has a tendency of saying that opposite of what he actually means, as shown latter on with the main character. He also has a tendency of looking down on her, but that changes as the story moves forward. Hibiki, due to experience, also seems to have some trouble with women and sees music as the easier one to understand of the two.

The story starts with the main character trying to get an exclusive on Hibiki’s upcoming concert, however he doesn’t like talking to any media at all and won’t give the main character a chance. However, that doesn’t stop as she tries to learn more about music and his compositions, which has Hibiki giving her a chance. They end up spending more time together in the lead up to the concert and the main character sees that there are different sides to Hibiki, though he tends to say the opposite of what he means. However, and illness might put Hibiki’s career on the sidelines, and what will the main character do to help.

Like Trevor’s route, this route is only 10 chapters long but hits back to the older routes in how easygoing it is with Hibiki and the main character hanging out together and slowly falling in love. Hibiki and her relationship is really cute and it is funny how he tends to not say what he really feels but he does like her alot, as shown with how he tends to be protective and sweet with her in certain moments. There seems to be some drama added towards the end, but it is an afterthought. There is the pretense of a “fake date” to help Hibiki with his music, but it really doesn’t feel like that by that point in the story, especially since the main character has realized how she feels by that point.

In terms of supporting cast, everyone within the casino group seems to be aware of Hibiki’s feelings toward the main character and while some of them support him, the others tends to tease the main character in order to get a reaction from Hibiki, which is kind of find to see. The theme seems to be centered around not judging things to harshly because Hibiki does that with the main character early one because of her job, but he ends up falling deeply for her.

If you like the tsundere type and an easygoing route, I highly recommend trying out Hibiki’s route!


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  1. Thankyou for all your hard work! I love reading your reviews to help me decide which characters to buy next 🙂 their always detailed and well written. Have a great day and year ❤


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