Seduced in Sleepless City – Trevor Konno (Main Story) Review.

  • After Cinderella moves to New York City, the main character has the opportunity to get some exclusives for the upcoming Fashion Week.
  • She ends up meeting the up-and-coming designer, Trevor Konno though he doesn’t seem to want to give her the time of day.
  • However, after helping him during one of his show casings, she finds herself falling for him though he seems to be a man of many secrets.

★ ☆ ✰ Rating: 6/10

The main character is an editor working for the magazine Cinderella and is trying to get a new assignment as she starts working from New York City. She tries her hardest an interview with Trevor and while he doesn’t seem to keen on it at first, she doesn’t give up.  She is a highly curious person with a stubborn side  that doesn’t let up until she learns everything about the story or someone. It is also pointed out that she is a hard worker that has struggled a lot and cares about her job dearly, though she seems a little biased since she always sides with Trevor and seems to have feelings for him early on.

Trevor Konno is an up and coming designer in New York that seems to look down on the main character’s sense of fashion. He is very dedicated to his craft and tries his hardest in every piece of clothing that he makes. He can be very serious, but he also seems to like teasing the main character and being near her. He seems to see everything in a beautiful sort of way and he seems to be very caring towards the main character as he gets to know her better. However, Trevor seems to be hiding a secret.

During New York Fashion Week, the main character tries her hardest to get an interview exclusive with Trevor Konno, though they don’t off to a great start at first. After some incidents, here and there Trevor becomes closer to the main character as they spend time together and Trevor helps the main character with a certain someone. However, she learns that Trevor is hiding something that is essential to his designer personality and that he might still love his former love.

It should be noted that this route is a lot less shorter than the original routes with only 10 chapters, which means there is a more messed up pill of plot lines put together with no real focus. There are essentially 3 plot lines, one introduced near the end of the route, that could have been better merged together but are treated separately and makes the route a bit more confusing. At the same time, tone of the plot lines seems a little strange to be added and plays upon certain stereotypes, which might make some people uncomfortable. Also while I enjoyed Trevor’s character, it seemed that he didn’t really have a connection with the main character at times, as if her feeling were one-sided though that might be due to circumstance.

In regards to supporting cast, there really isn’t anyone there to help Trevor or the main character when they are in trouble except the other. In terms of theme, it seems to be to not judge a book by its cover, especially in Trevor’s case since he sees so much of the main character’s good side that he ends up falling in love with her.

There story could have been a lot stronger if the plot lines could have meet together, but they are all treated as separate cases which just leads to a confusing mess. I really liked Trevor’s character, but the romance seems to be lacking at times. But, if he interest you, consider checking his route out!


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