Red Wolf Hiding Demo Review.

After a yearlong undercover mission, Janet Dover (name changeable) is now assigned to Gerald Reeve’s team. Headquarters believes there’s a traitor in the ranks, leaking information to a dangerous enemy known as the “Wolf”.

Her job is to find the traitor, but what else will she learn along the way? 

Learn more about Red Wolf Hiding: Tumblr | Twitter | Itchio

The first thing that caught me attention for this game was the character designs, everyone looks different but the one that grabbed my attention the most was Emmett! In a game that has the potential to get really dark at times, he seems to be a shiny beacon or he could also be hiding a terrible secret. The premise also caught my attention since I am a sucker for the mystery/detective genre of this. So, I decided to take the plunge once the demo came out! It should be noted that the demo has a really good design that gives it a sleek, city look that is good welcome and reminder what is at the center of game.

As stated above, Jane is welcomed into a new team in order to snuff out the traitor within the team. Said team is getting ready to take down the man that they have been watching over sometime now — Mark Wolfe. As Jane tries to figure everyone within the time at they work are their latest capture, however the mission is compromised and Jane finds herself helping the team and it is obvious that someone leaked the mission details beforehand. It is Jane’s job to figure out who the traitor is and bring them to justice, but it seems that things can get a little complicated when feelings become involved and Jane’s own past comes into light.

First off, I fell in love with the main character. Jane is completely focused on her job and seems to have a nonsense personality, but there are moments where she seems a little softer when interacting with certain people, and it will be nice to see more of that side and how her past comes into play during this investigation. The two characters that caught my attention in terms of their personalities were Cyril and Gerald. Cyril due to his personality and style where nothing seems to bother him, however for a brief moment Jane sees a different side to him that gives her a lot of questions. The next one is Gerald, the boss, while he seems to be easygoing — he seems to be hiding a darker side to his personality and that could be connected to something else! Emmett and Beau also seem to be hiding secrets and have cute, easygoing sides to their personalities compared to the earlier too.

This game seems like it will have both its serious and funny moments with an intersting cast that all seem to be hiding something from each other. If you’re into that, you forward to the full game!


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