Finally, In Love Again: Shuichiro Momoi (Main Story) Review.

  • Shuichiro Momoi is the main character’s new younger coworker in Larme that always seems to be teasing her about something.
  • In order to gain some publicity for Larme, the main character enters a pastry contest and tries for find inspiration for a sweet made for lovers.
  • Momoi decides to help through being her “fake boyfriend”, but it seems that things change along the way to find the perfect flavor for love.

★ ☆ ✰ Rating: 8/10

The main character is someone who is very hardworking and has a tendency to shoulder all her emotions on her own, even when people offer to help. She is a sweet and charming sort of person that has people naturally falling for her, though she might not recognize her own ability. She is also very kind and tends to let even the worst situations pass her by due to easily forgiving people. She tries her hardest to prove that she is a good worker and a “responsible older person”, but has a tendency to drop her facade around Momoi who tends to tease her a lot, which leads to her fighting back in a childish sort of way with him. The main character might struggle with her trade, but she works really hard to learn under Momoi’s tutelage and is shown to really care about her work and making people happy. She might be a romantic at her core, but after so many years without any real romance in her life, she is hesitant to move forward with her own emotions and doesn’t believe that she could be in love with Momoi, though she does embraces and awaits being rejected in the end of the story.

Shuichiro Momoi is the head pastry chef of Larme and  the one that brings the main character into his establishment. From the beginning, Momoi is shown to love teasing the the main character through different ways, but he does believe that there is something great about her cakes, though she still needs to learn some more. He is someone that is very hardworking and goes the extra mile for his craft, thus he can be a little cocky about it though not to an egotistical point. He doesn’t seem to like things that are over the top, as shown with Sakurako’s acting and how people tend to call him the “Prince of Pastry”. Momoi also tends to be a distant from people and even more so with love, though he does seem to have a reason for it.

The story begins after the singles’ event where Momoi tells the main character to come to Larme for a job interview. Though she is automatically hired, she still gets teased and hassled over her pastries, but she is a quick learner. As Larme tries to gain more publicity, the main character is thrown into a pastry contest with her as the representative for her new job! As she tries to better understand the theme for the sweet she is supposed to bake, Momoi steps in to help her remember what “love” is again. However, though all their fake dating, the main character finds herself falling in love, but what happens when Momoi declares he can’t feel the same?

As usual, I find it sort of hard to fall for characters with Momoi’s personality but he really did support the main character’s growth in whatever way that he could and never went into a mean direction with his teasing. His reasoning for not dating the main character came a little too late, but it did seem understandable from his point of view — it just would have been nice to have seen it earlier. And while it was a little annoying, the little subplot with Sakurako was a good way to see how the main character was different in Momoi’s eyes, and a little funny when they all went to the amusement park.

In terms of supporting cast, everyone seems to behind Momoi and the main character dating, though Miho gives the main character the best advice when it comes to her unique situation. In terms of theme, it seems to be centered around on change since both the main character and Momoi’s opinion changes in regards to each other as they learn how much they have in common.

Momoi is surprisingly charming and supportive of the main character, even if he has an odd way of showing it. So, if you like his type of character with a twist, consider checking this story out!


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