Seduced in Sleepless City – Satsuki Kitaoji (Main Story) Review.

  • After getting promoted to the magazine Cinderella, the main character has the opportunity for an exclusive interview at the opening for high-end Roppongi casino.
  • She ends up meeting the owner of the casino and leading business man, Satsuki Kitaoji.
  • As she gets to see his extravagant lifestyle, she becomes part of some headlines while she is just trying to write her own article about the man. However, the most confusing thing about all this is when Satsuki decides to show up on her front door, declaring something particular.

★ ☆ ✰ Rating: 8/10

The main character is a new editor that is working for the magazine Cinderella and for her first assignment she is sent to the opening of a high-class casino in Roppongi. Through the night, she becomes a modern Cinderella as she meets a variety of men and gets in some crazy situations throughout the night in order to snatch a VIP interview with a certain someone.  She is a highly curious person with a stubborn side  that doesn’t let up until she learns everything about the story or someone. It is also pointed out that she is a hard worker that has struggled a lot and cares about her job dearly. At the same time, she tries her hardest to teach Satsuki how to be a “normal” person, though she personally does take awhile in adjusting to see how he lives. She is patient and kind with him, though she does worry in her own way.

Satsuki Kitaoji is the owner of the casino that the main character ends up going to and from the beginning he is nothing but a gentleman towards her. Satuski might seems distant, but he is kind and caring to the people that he cares about. He tends to keep a cool head about things, while being responsible for the vast empire that he runs. However, he still seems uneasy to the world that the main character is accustom to and tends to get she around her or when learning new things. Satsuki has a deep connection to Yuzuki and they always seem ready to back each other up, though he might worry too much sometimes as the older brother.

The story starts with the main character gaining exclusive access to Satsuki Kitaoji’s extravagant lifestyle as he tries to move forward with his new plans within Japan. The main character is surprised to see how different he lives compared to her, and just how easily she can get spewed by it all. Like the previous routes, this one is rather easygoing and takes its time in giving the main character and Satsuki various scenarios and time in which they fall in love. However, as feelings begin to change, the main character finds herself questioning if she could fit into Satsuki’s world, when he could just be with someone that already lives in it, especially when the media keeps hassling him about it. It is kind of sad that the main character drags herself down when thinking about this, but Satsuki does his best to prove to her how much he loves her. The supporting cast members that help the most are Fuko and her boss because both of them help her in different aspects of her life and motivate her when she is feeling down.

To be honest, I was expecting some drama when Satsuki’s friend showed up, but it all happened to just be in the main character’s head! This is a calm and easygoing route with a gentleman like Satsuki, though a lot of the conflict is more inner and outer, but if you enjoy stories like that consider checking this one out!


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