Mystic Messenger — Zen’s Route.

“Downloading an messenger app will lead to chatting with hot guys!?” A new type of female-oriented mobile game that you can experience a love story through an interactive messaging app. Receive phone calls and texts depending on how intimate you become with the game characters!

I finished most of Mystic Messenger and decided to write my overall thoughts of the game. This article will be centered on Yoosung’s route including: the storylines, the main character, and the dynamics between him and the RFA.

** Please note that this isn’t a spoiler free reflection.

Passionate Narcissism: Zen (Hyun Ryu)

Hyun Ryu, known more commonly by his stage name Zen, is one of the older member of the RFA and an popular musical actor. He is one of the few members that welcomes the main character with open arms and a rather friendly smile. However, Zen is fully aware of his looks and tends to make a great deal of maintaining his appearance (from exercise to various beauty products), while taking various selfies of his handsome self to post on the chat. Yet, it is because of his looks that Zen wonders whether everything has been given to him because of how he looks whether than his own merit. It is due to this that when something affects is his career, he can fall into a depressive state. Outside of this, Zen is a deeply kind and sweet individual who tends to worry for his friends (though he is more abrasive with Jumin) and while he light heartedly flirts with the main character, he constantly worries about their safety as well — though, he can be a little dramatic at times.  While, he seems to have moved on from Rika’s death and trusts V on whatever he says, Zen is at a point in his life where he wants be with someone to fall in love with.

Zen wants a lot of things in his life, but it is going to cause quite a mess with what he has at the current moment.  

Fall in Love in 7 Days: Route Details

Zen is part of the Casual storyline and it starts with the main character connecting with Zen when talking about his career, supporting and flirting with him at the same time — though Jaehee worries what might happen to his career and is always trying to gently remind the main character what could happen. However, Zen seems to want to genuinely fall in love and be in a relationship with someone. He strives his best to show his true talents outside of his beauty and it pays off when he lands a gig with the popular Echo Girl. However, an injury could potentially lose him this deal and he because depressed with only the main character can cheer him up once they meet face-to-face.He also lets them know more about his familial background and the estranged relationship that he has with them. Yet, a scandal with his co-star could destroy everything that he had worked for, though Jumin and 707 are there to help him out. As they prepare to prove his innocence, 707 comes clean about the bomb in the apartment and Zen becomes distressed and worries over the main character…and then Unknown attacks. Depending on the choices made, Zen can save the main character or himself fall under the grasp of Unknown.     

In the normal ending, Zen is able to give a great speech that clears his name of the accusation made by Echo Girl, though he decides to keep his relationship a secret in order to separate his personal and professional lives. In the good ending, Zen makes the same speech but unable to keep anything under wraps anymore due to his feelings, and confesses his feelings for the main character in front of everyone. However, there are some bad endings that stand out, such as: Zen trying to get the main character jealous because of their previous disinterest and one where Zen ends up being brainwashed by Mint Eye when trying to help the main character.  

The Rage of the Beast: Zen + MC

From the beginning, Zen seems to have an attraction towards the main character as he always seems to be flirting with them and calling them “sweetie” or “babe”.  However, he is also one of the first RFA members that welcome the main character with open arms and without any hint of suspicion. Zen doesn’t mind flirting with the main character or throwing selfies her way, but their relationship seems to speed up due to Zen’s want for a romantic partner. Nevertheless, in each route, Zen always worried about the main character and tries his best to make her feel welcomed and safe. However, his longing for something romantic (and in a deeper meaning, love and family) might also be due to the type of relationship he has had with his own family.  Like most the members of the RFA, Zen is stagnant when it comes to this problem but the main character pushes him slightly into trying to make that re connection, even if they are still estranged at best. Like Yoosung, Zen can become depressed throughout the route, but the main character’s presence and words allow him to focus once more on the task at hand, though their presence is a potential distraction at times because of “the beast” side to Zen. Nevertheless, one of the harder points of the relationship is whether the relationship should be kept secret or not since it could hurt Zen’ career, though that is solved in the good ending.  

In the after ending, Zen’s hard work is shown off to be blooming beautifully but that doesn’t stop him from showering the main character with love whenever he isn’t shooting a scene.

That One Annoying Sibling: Zen + RFA

Zen is one of the older members of the RFA, but to have a good camaraderie with everyone (except one person) though he does connect with some more than others. Zen seems to be the most connected to Yoosung, who he tends to watch over in a varying degree of ways in each route. Zen tends to give the younger man advice when it comes to his gaming habits and even dating. Yoosung might state that he dislike Zen’s good looks, but he tends to each out in most routes to him when he gets to emotional or things become too dangerous — they really do seem to have a sibling relationship. In a similar way with 707, Zen tends to nag him about sleeping and eating better. While, he tends to see 707 as a bit eccentric, he knows he means well and worried about 707 when things get dangerous as well. On the other hand, 707 does his best to support Zen from afar, usually using his hacking skills to either improve his career or save him from potential stalkers.

Jaehee and Zen seems to have a bit more distant relationship, but are extremely supportive of each other nonetheless. First, it should be noted that they have a common dislike and weariness towards cats that they bond over, though because of different reasons. Jaehee is a diehard Zen fan and tries her hardest to collect his memorabilia and go see his plays, if she ever has the time. She is always concern for him and his career, though it might not come off in the best way sometimes. On the other hand, while Zen doesn’t believe that Jaehee simply enjoys his works as a person, but more as a member of the RFA — he is always there to stand up for her need to have a lesser workload to Jumin when the needs arises. Their relationship shines the most in Jaehee’s route where they exchange gifts and he (along with the main character) actively work together to help her find her happiness.

Like everyone else in the RFA, Zen seems to hold V in a high regard and trusts him with everything that he does. This stems from Zen owing V his life due to saving him during a severe motorcycle accident. V has also helped Zen’s popularity due to taking photos of him from time t to time. While not much is shown about his connection to Rika, it is known that she was a huge fan of his when he was just getting started and that she was one on that convinced him to join the RFA. However, Zen’s most complex relationship is the one that he has with Jumin. Zen and Jumin don’t get along well, as Zen always says that Jumin is a “trust fund kid” that cannot seem to do anything without either his father or Jaehee’s help.

At the same time, Jumin tends to provoke Zen whenever he starts talking about Elizabeth 3rd or offering cat-related offers to star in. However, there are moments when the both of them seem to understand each other and support each other greatly, this is especially shown during the Echo Girl scandal and just how far Jumin seems willing to go in order to help Zen. At the same time, Zen has taken note that he doesn’t so much hate Jumin as a person, but rather concepts and personality that he enshrines that remind Zen of his older brother, which makes their relationship seem more sibling-like from that perspective.        

Final Thoughts 

Honestly, Zen’s route was the first one I fell in love with in Mystic Messenger. It can be a bit of a drama sometimes, but Zen always has the right words to swoon a lady over aside from all his selfies. Zen has struggled a lot but he has never let that put a rainy cloud over his work ethic or his attitude. His family all believed that he was going to go down one path, but he has proved them hard with how much he works in order to gain a role. He might have doubts and insecurities, but that just makes him all the bit more human and relatable. Zen is happy where he is in life, but he also wants something more. Zen chooses the people that make him happy –his family within the RFA– and who he wants to be with. While, this isn’t centered around the RFA’s past, it does show how much they care about each other on different levels, while also showcasing that Zen isn’t just a stereotype.



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