Butler until Midnight – Yuuma Akagi (Main Story) Review.

  • After finding out who her father really is, the main character choose Yuma as her butler and quickly realizes that he runs everything very strictly in order to achieve the best results.
  • Though they have their problems in the beginning, she slowly comes to understand Yuma’s character and appreciates all he does for her.
  • However, as the main character realizes her feelings towards Yuma, she questions whether his own actions and if they are due to the loyalty he has towards her father, or if they are connected to something deeper that is growing between them.

★ ☆ ✰ Rating: 7/10

In the beginning, the main character cannot handle Yuma’s attitude very well, so she tends to call him names from time to time, but  she does slowly see the positive effects and becomes nicer towards him. She is a hard worker, though she does have a tendency of becoming easily depressed until someone encourages her. The main character  is very determined once she wants to do something, regardless of what people tell her, she tries figure out what she is missing and better her in the process. This is shown with how she learns about the violets and the director that she has to interview.  However, she can be rather reckless at times, but with the best of intentions. However, she is very confused about her feelings towards because of the potential stigma surrounding whatever relationship they might have and the connection that Yuma has to her father.

Yuma Akagi is the head butler of the Ichijo household and as such demands perfection of anything that is given to him — this time it is the main character. At first, Yuma seems charismatic and supportive, ready to hand the main character anything she needs but as training begins he is shown to be dedicated to the task at hand, but goes to strong extremes (as shown with his personal background) and isn’t above insulting the main character when she does badly. However, as she improves, their relationship does as well and he is shown willing to do almost anything in help the main character both professionally and personally. Yuma has a strong loyalty to Mr. Ichijo, who he seems to hold a “life debt”, with and it extends to the main character, though that seems to change as his feelings do as well. He might tease the character a lot, but he cares about her deeply though he is fully aware that their potential relationship might not be possible, so he starts to distance himself as the party date draws closer and closer.

After being fooled by Yuma’s charming side, she ends up choosing him as her butler but soon realizes that he is actually a jerk that likes pointing out all her flaws. She ends up trying to balance her new job and etiquette lessons, though it is a bit difficult when an article she is part of focus on Yuma. However, things starts to look up for her as she gains confidence in all matter of her life, but she also seems to start developing feelings for Yuma. At the same time, someone that wants to get the scoop about Yuma’s life starts snooping around the main character, which leads her to potential danger.

First off, it was sort of hard to get into Yuma’s route at first because sometimes Yuma’s teasing seems like he is insulting the main character more than anything else. It also makes her falling in love kind of hard to believe since she is begrudging him and in the next chapter she suddenly realizes that she is “in love” with no real explanation. However, I will note that Yuma and the main character do seem very dedicated to each other in the latter half of the story since they are constantly worrying about the other, though they take on actions without thinking about the other’s feelings, thus escalating the situation as a whole. The story takes a dramatic turn in the last couple of chapters because of this, and people should be cautious since the main character is put into a situation that might trigger, even if it’s brief.

In terms of theme, it seems to be centered around trusting each other because the main character learns a lot of things about Yuma and she has to decide whether to believe in him or not. At the same time, Yuma might not believe in the main character’s abilities to be the perfect lady, but he is proven wrong as the story moves forward. In terms of supporting cast, there really isn’t until the end when it is shown how dedicated the other butlers are to Yuma and what they are willing to do to help him.

While, Yuma’s route had some surprises towards the end, it was still hard to get through in the beginning and the end, but if you like his type of attitude — consider checking his route out!


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