Seduced in Sleepless City – Mirai Kageyama (Main Story) Review.

  • After getting promoted to the magazine Cinderella, the main character has the opportunity for an exclusive interview at the opening for high-end Roppongi casino.
  • She ends up in a precarious situation with the mysterious college student with a lot of shady connections by the name of Mirai Kageyama.
  • However, things aren’t all that they seem to be when Mirai’s connections come after the main character.

★ ☆ ✰ Rating: 9/10

The main character is a new editor that is working for the magazine Cinderella and for her first assignment she is sent to the opening of a high-class casino in Roppongi. Through the night, she becomes a modern Cinderella as she meets a variety of men and gets in some crazy situations throughout the night in order to snatch a VIP interview with a certain someone.  She is a highly curious person with a stubborn side that doesn’t let up until she learns everything about the story or someone, as shown early on in the route. However, she is a little on the shy side when it comes to romance (though she seems attracted to him early on) and Mirai’s teasing, but she tries her hardest in trying to understand him. Yet, she is also afraid of what Mirai is connected to and what he can do, though that changes over time as she realizes the truth behind what he does with the money and how he started to begin with.

Mirai Kageyama is a young college student that is also a model and president of a venture company during his free time. He always seems to have something up his sleeve and a smile on his face, with none really sure of what he might be up to next. He acts like a child and enjoys playing pranks (and by extension tease people), though he doesn’t like being treated like a child, especially by the main character. However, Mirai does have his mature side and does everything he can to help the people that come to him, but especially those that he cares for. Due to what he does, he is very good at acting and convincing others to do what he wants, which falls for at time — much to his pleasure. However, for all his plat acting, Mirai isn’t used to affection due to his familial background and due to this tends to blush a lot when he is shown this side of the main character. Mirai is a sweet kid but there is a lot of accept in regards to his occupation and the reasons why he does it.

The main character ends up choosing Mirai as the subject of her article and ends up spending some time with him,  though the beginnings of her articles aren’t to the Chief Editor’s liking. The main character works hard to find out what is underneath Mirai’s teasing and mysterious shell, but as she spends more time with she finds out that he is the exact opposite of all the rumors she had heard, and that he cares about a lot more than he gives himself credit for. However, things get a bit messy when Fuko comes into the picture and the main character realizes the true extent of her feelings. Yet, there are a lot of things that she has to understand before fully accepting who Mirai is.

First off, I really enjoyed Mirai’s interaction with the main character, he is always teasing her but he is always there caring and looking out for the main character. They both seem to have equal footing within the relationship and even when Mirai realizes that he already has feelings for her, he never pushes her into anything she isn’t ready for. The supporting cast in great in this as well because they are very supportive and even teasing of Mirai’s relationship with the main character. The Fuko side story doesn’t feel needed, but it is good to see they have a strong friendship where they can tell each other what they honestly feel. The theme seems to be centered making your own choices because the main character learns a lot about Mirai through different sources and comes up with her own conclusions and eventually decides to be with him.

Mirai’s route has a great route though there is a lot going on and the player might get lost of a bit, especially towards the end. But, if you like flirty younger guys, consider checking his route out!


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