Seduced in Sleepless City – Yuzuki Kitaoji (Main Story) Review.

  • After getting promoted to the magazine Cinderella, the main character has the opportunity for an exclusive interview at the opening for high-end Roppongi casino.
  • She ends up in a precarious situation with Yuzuki Kitaoji, an famous actor with a knack for teasing the main character.
  • However, things aren’t as they seem, as the main character and Yuzuki seem to start genuinely falling for one another.

★ ☆ ✰ Rating: 8/10

The main character is a new editor that is working for the magazine Cinderella and for her first assignment she is sent to the opening of a high-class casino in Roppongi. Through the night, she becomes a modern Cinderella as she meets a variety of men and gets in some crazy situations throughout the night in order to snatch a VIP interview with a certain someone.  She is a highly curious person with a stubborn side (as shown with how she acts with Yurika) that doesn’t let up until she learns everything about the story or someone, though she does get pushed around a lot what Yuzuki wants to go somewhere. It is also shown more through this route also show much of a “foodie” the main character seems to be. It is also pointed out that she is a hard worker that has struggled a lot and cares about her job dearly, which makes her pull away from Yuzuki when their relationship dynamics begin to change and possible have an effect on his career. However, the main character also tends to second guess herself a lot when it comes to Yuzuki and how he suddenly changes his attitude around her.

Yuzuki is a famous actor that is doing a series of interviews and coverage with Cinderella with the main character as the lead. He is shown to be arrogant and used to getting what he wants and acts rather childish when he doesn’t. He loves teasing the main character early on, but grows to appreciate her as the story moves forward. Yuzuki is shown to be very possessive and tends to do a lot of things without asking the main character, but he seems to really want to spend time with her outside of work, though as pointed out by numerous characters — Yuzuki has a hard time honestly expressing his feelings. It is due to this that he seems to be mad at the main character all the times and takes actions in order to ire a reaction out of her, but it often doesn’t work. However, he is also shown to have an inferiority complex and a little resentment towards his older brother, Satsuki, though they still care about each other deeply. However, this causes a few stumbles along the way during the latter half of the route.

As stated before, the main character gains exclusive access to Yuzuki’s private and professional life to correspond with his most recent movie and drama. From the beginning, Yuzuki does what he likes and is constantly teasing her, though he does have his sweet moments as well. Eventually they settle into a good flow, though jealousy does flare up in terms of a famous actress and one of the main character’s favorite singers. However, that doesn’t stop their growing feelings though it might be the paparazzi that tear them apart before anything is really set in stone!

First off it should be noted that I really enjoyed Yuzuki’s personality because while he does push the main character at times, he also seems to care deeply about her well-being and does tend to be cute when the occasion calls for it. However, the rivalry between Yukira and the main character and then Yuzuki and Satsuki seems unneeded, when time could have been spent on putting other issues within the story into the spotlight, There are a lot problems going around at the same time, but none of them ever really get resolved.

In terms of supporting cast, Satsuki is always there supporting his younger brother, though his appearance causes a bit of drama when it is shown that they both seem to have the same taste in women. The theme seems to be that you shouldn’t easily judge someone because both Yuzuki and the main character end up changing each other’s lives completely, though it takes them sometime to be really open about it.

While, Yuzuki does have a cute route, it still feels like it didn’t live up to its full potential especially when being the main guy of the game. However, if you like a sweet sort of tsundere, consider checking his story out!



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