Mystic Messenger — Yoosung’s Route.

“Downloading an messenger app will lead to chatting with hot guys!?” A new type of female-oriented mobile game that you can experience a love story through an interactive messaging app. Receive phone calls and texts depending on how intimate you become with the game characters!

I finished most of Mystic Messenger and decided to write my overall thoughts of the game. This article will be centered on Yoosung’s route including: the storylines, the main character, and the dynamics between him and the RFA.

** Please note that this isn’t a spoiler free reflection.

A Young Man’s Dilemma’s: Yoosung Kim

Yoosung Kim is the youngest member of the RFA, he is a college student that seems to be spending most of his time on the LOLOL server than actually studying. He is also the nicest member, often being called a puppy since he enjoys being around others. Yoosung is also shown to fall easily for anything that 707 tells him, to a great deal of comedy relief. However, Yoosung has been in a static place for quite some time following Rika’s death. He still thinks about her constantly and tries to follow her way of life, though he still has dark moments since he constantly compares to other members of the RFA and doesn’t really seem to keen on studying anymore. Yoosung also has hard time forgiving and accepting the importance of V within Rika’s life, even after her passing, which leads to him lashing out whenever V comes into the chat or questioning his motives throughout the various routes. At the same time, he seems to be looking for a similar presence to Rika in his life once more, which might be one of the reasons he starts comparing the main character to her when they first start chatting.

Yoosung seems to be stuck in one place, or rather on one person, and it takes a lot of patience and dedication to see him move forward.    

Fall in Love in 7 Days: Route Details

Yoosung is part of the Casual storyline and it starts with the main character connecting in terms of wanting to know more about Rika and agreeing with Yoosung in certain discussions. Due to the main character’s help, Yoosung slowly starts to change his habits as he starts studying more and playing LOLOL less. However, the similarities between the main character and Rika causes him to constantly compare them and even calling the main character “Rika” from time to time. He is also shown to have a deep seated grudge towards V, as he is constantly fighting with him and questioning whether the older man has mourned or ever really loved his cousin. As more information is known about Rika’s apartment, Yoosung is shown visibly angry about the whole ordeal, though he places a large part of the blame on V. As more information is given about the mysterious hacker, Yoosung moves forward with trying his best to help and going with 707 to the hideout in order to help the main character. The two of them head to the Mint Eye location, but end up meeting with Unknown –the mysterious hacker– and previous choices dictate what will happen to Yoosung.

In the normal ending, Yoosung ends up surviving the ordeal with Mint Eye but is unable the attend the party. Everyone ends up visiting him in the hospital with Yoosung eventually waking up and declaring how much the main character means to him. In the good ending, Yoosung and the main character end up finally meeting during the party, as he promises to cheshire more than anything else. There are several bad endings peppered throughout the route but some that stand out the most are: where Yoosung ends up becoming Unknown’s plaything and another where they end up dying together due to the bomb.

A Puppy at Heart: Yoosung + MC

One of the most prevalent things of Yoosung’s route is that early on and in some of the endings, he considers the main character to be synonymous with Rika. They have similar caring attitudes and worry about him, so for some time he confuses that kindness for his cousin’s and it leads to a lot of questionable reactions when it comes to his emotions towards Rika for some players — though it only ever seems that he has a deep respect for his deceased cousin and her sudden death after they had gotten close leaves him in a depressed state for quite some time. However, as the story moves forward and the main character that she isn’t Rika (or a replacement for her) Yoosung starts to seem like a puppy in love and tries his hardest to protect her, as shown with how he reacts to the bomb threat and he puts his life on the line in order to save her. This love also matures Yoosung as he is shown trying to get back into studying and declaring that he’ll be a better man so that the main character won’t ever regret choosing him.

In the after ending and Valentine’s special, he is still shown to be very much in love and devoted to the main character. He likes to tease her, but he still remembers how they started (making references to their first date after they officially meet) and he seems to have tried his hardest in becoming a veterinarian and giving a stable living in order for them to be married.       

Please Protect Him: Yoosung + the RFA

Yoosung is the youngest member of the RFA and due to this he has a various level of connections with the rest of the members, who always seem to be looking out for what is best for him. In terms of RFA members, Yoosung seems to be connected the most with 707 and Zen. Yoosung always seems to fall for 707’s pranks, but it is shown that both of them care of each other in their own ways. In the later half of the route, Yoosung is constantly pleading to Luciel to let him help with the hacker, which 707 doesn’t (until Yoosung takes some drastic action) and he is shown to have guilt over what happened to the younger man. While Yoosung might be jealous of Zen’s looks, the older man is constantly watching out for him throughout several routes and takes care of him like a big brother.  

Jumin and Jaehee care about Yoosung in a more distant way and worry about his school and professional career. Jaehee is always there to see Yoosung worrying about how badly his life is going, but she always keeps watchful eye on how his gaming addition and health are doing to the point that Yoosung consider to be a “big sister”. In a similar fashion to Zen, he is jealous of Jumin’s good looks and money and often tells the main character to stay away from him, but Jumin tends to look out for the younger man and even tells him that there is always an intern position ready for him in C&R International, mainly during Jaehee’s route. However, Yoosung seems to have a lot more to bargain for as he takes much of Jaehee’s job in a certain ending.

As stated before, Yoosung has a very difficult and strained relationship with V after Rika’s death, which usually pertains to him not believing the older man and thinking that he is hiding something about his cousin. Yoosung has gone as far as saying that he hates V and in always the most resistant towards his comments whenever he appears in the chat. It is a large part of Yoosung’s character development that he is able to understand and forgive V’s actions surrounding Rika, so that he becomes strong enough in order to move forward and protect the RFA and main character. While, Yoosung might seem like the kid brother of the RFA, but it isn’t a one-sided relationship because he cares about all of them in his own way.

Final Thoughts

Personally, it was kind of hard to get into Yoosung’s route when I first played it because he was so “obsessed” with Rika and comparing her to the main character, but it takes awhile to understand that Yoosung was grieving. He had been mourning the passing of someone that he looked up to and was coping with it through several different ways. Through the proper choices and the passage of time, Yoosung blossom out of his shell and is shown to be a cute but hopelessly devoted young man that cares more than a lot of people usually do. This is shown in how he remembers Sally (Rika’s dog) and just how far he is willing to go for the main character and by extension the RFA.

His route is also a good starting point when first getting into Mystic Messenger. I say this because, it lays out some of the central problems within the larger picture of the story while showing off a bit more of Mint Eye and Unknown in a way that isn’t completely connected to 707. He might seem a bit annoying at first, but it does get easier as he matures and his cuter side is shown when directed towards the main character. His scenes with 707 are also the funniest but also the most heartwarming, especially when how much they care for each other is shown. It might also be annoying but it is good to see that there is some skepticism when everyone else seems to believe whatever they are told by V. There might be a lot of downfalls in the beginning, but Yoosung does go through a lot of character development in order to protect the people that he loves.        


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