Seduced in Sleepless City – Ryoichi Hirose (Main Story) Review.

  • After getting promoted to the magazine Cinderella, the main character has the opportunity for an exclusive interview at the opening for high-end Roppongi casino.
  • She ends up in a precarious situation with the world-class author, Ryoichi Hirose, as she ends up the editor for his new novel series.
  • However, things aren’t all that they seem as Hirose seems to be hiding what he is truly feeling, though someone else could ruin it for them.

★ ☆ ✰ Rating: 8/10

The main character is a new editor that is working for the magazine Cinderella and for her first assignment she is sent to the opening of a high-class casino in Roppongi. Through the night, she becomes a modern Cinderella as she meets a variety of men and gets in some crazy situations throughout the night in order to snatch a VIP interview with a certain someone.  She is a highly curious person with a stubborn side that doesn’t let up until she learns everything about the story or someone, as shown with the latter half of the story. However, she is a little on the shy side when it comes to romance and Hirose’s teasing, but she tries her hardest in trying to understand him and his motives. At the same time, she takes Hirose’s lifestyle as too much for her at times though she enjoys their trip together. She is a caring person and tries to see the best in people, while also trying to see that there is a different side to Hirose because of what he has written.

Ryoichi Hirose is a best-selling (and the main character’s favorite) author that seems to be looking for his next gig while at the casino. As he gets to meet with the main character, he is seen as a flirty and teasing guy though he is very dedicated to his work. While, he seems to take advantage of every situation, he does it with the best interest in mind though he can be seen as a swindler or con artist at times. While, he might seem distant, he deeply cares about the main character and seems to be deeply in love with her towards the end, though he is good at hiding it. At the same time, he is shown to have an affinity towards Shakespeare and deeply connects it to the main character.

The story stared off with the main character trying to convince Hirose that he should run a novel series in Cinderella. While it takes her awhile to convince him, Hirose ends up running a series with the main character as his source material, but that quickly changes as Hirose starts taking her on dates as well. She starts to see another side of Hirose, though it can be confusing at times since he likes teasing her. The series grows in popularity as the main character and him head off to England for awhile, though the real trouble begins as Hirose’s other editor and her assistant emergence seems to brew trouble for them and their budding relationship. A wager is made with the main character in the middle of it all and it seems like it will destroy everything they have been building together.

As my first Seduced in Sleepless City route, I really enjoyed Hirose’s character and his interactions with the main character, though he was a little hard to read at times which made me wish for a POV towards the end of the game. The buildup is also done well and it does show that Hirose does care deeply about the main character, though everything does get very messy because of Yudai and the editor — it just seems like something thrown together at the end for some drama. Personally, it was nice to see the main character’s connection with Mirai towards the end and that Fuko tries her hardest to cheer her up when she can. The theme this time around seems to be centered around not judging a book by its cover since the main character has a certain idea of Hirose in her mind, though that changes as she gets to know him better.

For a first route within the game, it does a good job in setting up everything while also keeping the player guessing in regards to the motives of everyone, though love does triumph in the end. So, if you like the flirty types, consider checking it out!

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