Lake of Voices Demo Review.

Kikka the Steadfast is a sensitive and empathetic woman who uses a mask of stoicism to protect herself from the harsh world she lives in. Much of everything she’s done has been an attempt to find some semblance of security, including the career path she chose to pursue. Kikka works as an official guard for one of the many tiny villages in the region. Her most recent assignment is to travel with fellow guard Bemelle to an allied town that’s been under siege by raiders.

With an ever-present sense of urgency, the two find themselves on the shore of Sinnlos. A cursed lake of black water that is home to the Nixi; twisted creatures who take joy in drowning humans. They need the assistance of the nameless guide to even attempt to cross the maze of bridges spanning the dark waters. But they are not the only ones seeking passage that night. The guide agrees to lead them all, whilst also giving a warning that a group this large has no chance of making it across whole. Someone will be lost along the way. None of them volunteer to stay behind, regardless. And so the ill-fated journey over the lake of voices begins.

Learn more about Lake of Voices: Tumblr | Twitter | Kickstarter |Itchio

It should be stated that the aesthetic and general feel of the game is great! It is spooky and mysterious, thus setting up the story very well. There is a lot at play with various characters and the setting which leaves the player guessing and at the edge of their seat throughout the demo. The music adds a lot to the game as well, especially during those time choices were the player could mess up and/or make the wrong choice. The characters all have unique designs and it shows the clear differences between where they all come from and what they may be looking for beyond the bridge. However, the real terror comes from the story and all the hidden agendas that might be at play.

As stated above, Kikka and her partner, Bemelle, are looking into crossing the bridge with the help of the guide, though the end up meeting another young woman that is seeking to cross — Margaret. After a small scuffle, the group moves forward with move along the bridge only to encounter several different problems along the way, while meeting the mysterious Lu is the player makes the right choices. However, while the group can make it through the demo, but there are also several choices that could end up killing everyone as well.

Personally, I really enjoyed playing the demo and seeing all the mysteries that seem to run rampant within the game, it really has a lot of intrigue that will keep players guessing. Kikka seems like a strong, no nonsense type character and it will be nice to see how she changes over the course of the story and depending on how she interacts with the other characters.

This looks like a great game with a lot of spooky potential, so consider checking it out!


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