Snowdrop Demo Review.

When a 22 year old college graduate, Lilah Scott, decides to  become a full time filmmaker, she is disappointed by the lack of support her first movie receives. Hoping to get out of her slump and find some inspiration, she accepts the offer to work at her sister in law, Anjali’s, hotel in the beautiful mountain town of Riversone for the winter. The isolation in the snowy mountains is bound to help her inspiration…right?

What Lilah doesn’t account for is the pesky guest, Archer Lane (world famous singer), who decides to rent out the entire Red Turtleneck Inn for the month. Its humble atmosphere and location is the perfect place for him to hide for the holidays and get some song writing done. Except, he’s a lot more high maintenance than he lets on and Lilah isn’t having it.

What could possibly go wrong?

Learn more about Snowdrop: Tumblr | Itchio

This was another one of those demos that caught my attention during December, but I wasn’t able to play it until recently. First off, I really like the aesthetics of the game with the coloring and such giving it a winter and homey feel, making the setting feel closer to home. The script does get a little long to read within the box, but the font is easy on the eyes. The music does a good job in setting up the tone, though it does seem like that and the voice acting are fighting for the player’s attention at times, especially when the latter is much softer and harder to hear at times.

As stated in the summary, Lilah is returning to help her sister-in-law at the Red Turtleneck Inn after the failure of her first film. On the train ride there, she ends up meeting a guy with whom she doesn’t have the best first impression with. Anjali helps her get settled, but she soon realizes that the inn has no guests and that one guy seems to have the run of the place for the time that Lilah is working there. It seems like these two can’t seem to stand each other, but as Lilah signs the non-disclosure agreement, things are bound to change as the winter season moves forward.

I really enjoyed the banter between Lilah and Archer, so I am excited to see how that changes over the course of the story. Lilah also seems to be holding a lot of emotions over a range of different problems, so it will be nice to see how those develop and whether she can overcome them as the story moves forward and she learn more about other people — because she seems to be pitying herself most of the time. There is only one route to the game, so I am hoping to see a broad scope of endings depending on the choices made, especially since there is such a large area of growth for all the characters.

So, if look forward to the full game coming out soon and consider checking out this interesting demo!



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