Dead Wishes Demo Review.

Cruelty. Forgiveness. Loneliness. Deceit.

Dead Wishes embarks on a journey of human emotion, empathy, and horrific romance. Take the time to unravel each character’s backstory while using their experiences to examine your personal moral code.

Antiheroes… or villains?

After the death of your parents, you move cities to begin a new life. However, the burden of their deaths weighs you down, and you find yourself holed up in your dingy apartment, sluggish, apathetic, and on the verge of eviction.

You pave the path for the plot of the game. Will you be wrapped up in a love-triangle with the mafia? Or a murdering circle of friends? Dead Wishes weaves various plot lines between routes and waits for the player to connect the dots.

Combining traditional dating simulators and thriller fiction, Dead Wishes is a game that pokes at grey areas of morality.

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So this visual novel grabbed my attention some time back in December and I finally got some time to check it out and I wasn’t disappointed with the potential of all that can come with this game. Everyone in this game has a very unique style and their outfits give off a little to their work, but never to their true personalities. This can be said about Vincent since he looks like the most normal character of the whole cast, but he could be considered the creepiest as well after going through his route. The GUI is done well and while it is in darker colors, the script is still easy to read. I really enjoyed the music because it does a good job in setting up the dangerous and concerning tone when needed. However, the story might not be for everyone.

The main character is someone that has moved to the city after their parents death, however due to their current grieving they have been unable to move on and are now facing possible eviction from their apartment. Depending on the choices made, the main character can either look for a job, end up getting kicked out, or they decide to steal in order to get their rent. Each decision leads to the main character a certain set of characters that while they might decide to help them, also deal with some very shady activities and personalities. These are: Vincent, Ophelia and Lucien, and Allegra. Each of their stories deals with the gray scale of morality and what someone is willing to do to survive, even if it isn’t under the best of circumstances and even within a toxic relationship. The main character has to make choices that can keep them complacent and safe or deal with the consequences of gaining their savior’s ire.

Without going to in depth into the scenarios, the one that grabbed my attention the most was Vincent because while he is quite and rather  mild-mannered, he does some scary shit to get his “perfect family”. It is really scary seeing the main character become so complacent in order to make sure that he doesn’t get angry with them, to the point that they even start thinking that they could be in love (and kind) with Vincent. The 2nd one that grabbed my attention was Lucien’s scenario because while he can be kind, he deals with a lot shady things that put the main character in danger and while it seems like a staple for his archetype, something –especially with how the demo can end– doesn’t seem right about him.

One of the things I love about the characters is that they aren’t perfect! All the main characters have some deep fault to them, but even then they are sides to them that the player/main character can fall in love with. It just seems to human and organic because even when I was aware of the ugly sides to Vincent’s and Lucien’s personalities, I still found myself deeply enjoying their routes when they were kind — however, that might prove to be more difficult as the story moves forward. Aside from that, some choices were hard to make since through trial-and-error, it was easier to make choices in which you were aware that the main character wasn’t going to get hurt, even though it would keep them in the same situation. It was intersting but also disturbing to see that times, it might trigger some people, so it is best to play this demo with caution and the devs do remind the player of that early on.

Nevertheless, this demo shows a lot of potential for this game, though it might not necessarily be a happy ending for everyone! So, if you’re into dark and questioning stories, consider checking the demo out!

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