Floret Bond Demo Review.

Peony lives a peaceful life dedicated to self-improvement in a small elven village. It is a simple town and there is little reason for an outsider to come by. If ever a stranger does come knocking there’s usually only one reason for it, they need Peony’s service. Within this world individuals with magical talent choose one area to specialize in. Peony has a rather unique expertise; she studies the art of neutralization. With the competition so limited and her prowess so well known, it has become normal for her to be approached by neighbors and outsiders alike stuck in shocking and absurd magical situations desperate for someone who can undo it all. No matter how many unusual jobs she’s hired for, Peony reminds herself that something stranger can always occur. And yet today she’ll be getting a commission that is truly worth remembering. 

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From the moment, this game was announced it caught my attention not only due to the art, but also the way the characters were described as well. The art was quick to catch my attention because it is so bright and colorful, something that is also passed onto the GUI, which during the demo I found really nice since it is almost like reading a book. The music is pleasant to listen to, but even with all its bright colors and magic, there seems to be something darker lurking in the two characters that Peony comes to work with.

As stated in the summary, Peony (her name is changeable) works in the art of neutralization, something that is consider unique even within her world. She helps others in several ways and seems to live a relatively easy life, though it might seem a little lonely. One day, two unique creatures comes asking for her help — Krishin and Gata. These two seems to be stuck to each other for a mysterious reason and come seeking her help, though Peony in aware that it will be a complicated process, she is more than willing to do it. However, these three seem to be together for the long haul since the spell binding them seem more complicated than Peony thought it would be — but, that doesn’t mean she is willing to give up just yet.

I really enjoyed Peony’s character because she does seem a bit on the shy side, but there is a strong confidence to her when it comes to what she can do and even has a little bossy side when it comes to getting Krishin and Gata to stay. She has a strong core and is also very curious by nature, as shown with she realizes what Gata can actually do. She is a good balance of the type of main characters that you usually see in visual novels, and I can’t wait to see how she will develop.

In terms of the Krishin and Gata, more is shown of the former and while he might seem a bit of a stuffy character, he is shown to care about Gata in his own way. He is also very helpful in getting Peony the materials that she needs and feel like he needs to pay her, which makes him seem like a person of high morals. He clashes slightly with Peony, so it will be interesting to see how their relationship develops as they spend more time together and to see what he seems to be hiding about how him and Gata got into this particular situation. On the other hand, Gata is a complete mystery! He is asleep during most of the demo and when he and Peony meet under strange circumstances, it just brings up more questions than answers. However, he seems kind and caring despite the quite exterior.

The demo is a real gem and while there are silly moments, there is an arching mystery to everything that is going on. It will also be interesting to see how the crafting is implemented into the game and how it might change anything within the game. If you enjoy cuteness and mystery, consider checking it out!

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