Ventio Mortis Demo Review.

When one has lost all their humanity, what is left of them? Does it truly take a heart to be alive? That does not seem to be the case of one Hollowelle Neaera. Long since considered dead, she roams the Earth, surviving eternally out of spite of those who would hurt her when once she was alive. Ages ago, her heart was broken beyond repair. To exact her ultimate revenge, she cast a spell so grave it cursed her to forever walk the earth as an Abomination, able to pass the curse on to others who have died in great pain. For hundreds of years she has revived fresh corpses to do her bidding – her wards, her bund…

Learn more about Ventio Mortis: Ichtio | Kickstarter | Tumblr | Twitter

So, I stumbled upon this game awhile back and its story caught my attention. It took me some time to play and I wish I had done so earlier! The design and layout look nice, though it is a little hard to read at times due to the font choice. In terms of story, there seems to a lot going on and a lot of things that could all end up very badly for all those involved.

The story start with a small story explaining a “glass-hearted girl” to the reader and how her fragile heart was destroyed by love. Fast forward, Hollowelle Neaera and her “family” seem to be up to their questionable shenanigans of looking for dead bodies, though there seems to be some quarreling within the group, namely between Drisdon and Robbie. There seems to be a lot of unsaid issues between the two of them and it tends to agitate the other 3 members, though they can’t do anything about it. However, on one night, Napoleon gets an idea and Hollowelle allows to move forward with it. However, by the end of the night, she seems to have more troubles than solutions for what is happening. Will she let keep going down this path or just destroy it all over again?

Hollowelle is a very interesting personality because she seems to be very cynical and uncaring of most things, but there are certain times within the demo that she does care — such as when talking about humanity with Inan and when it comes to Napoleon. It seems kind of hard to believe that she could feel some semblance of love toward the other love interests, but that it also what is attractive of seeing her character development should the full game ever be developed.

To be honest, out of all the characters, Inan seems the most interesting especially after his talk with Hollowelle. He seems to understand her disregard for their humanity and even thanks her for allowing to continue his research, yet he tends to stay away from the other 3 within their family though he ends up taking care of a human by the end of the demo. Napoleon is 2nd in terms of personal interest because of the past that she has with Hollowelle, but also because of the sort of strange mother-daughter dynamic they seem to have. Hollowelle seems to care about her creation to an extent, but how will that change in the course of the game?

Ignoring everything between Robbie and Drisdon, I enjoyed what I saw from the other characters within the demo and while some questionable decisions were made, it seems like it will be a wild ride for Hollowelle and her family, whether she wants it to be or not.


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