My Last First Kiss – Rin Yakumo (Main Story) Review.

  • Through circumstance, the main character finds herself surrounded once more by all her childhood friends, but at the same time is once again rejected by her first love.
  • As she tries to move forward, her new assignment has her meeting an old high school friend and now budding pastry chef, Rin Yakumo.
  • They find themselves in a support system in trying to help each other confess to their current crush, but that might be impossible for the main character as she starts to develop feelings for Rin. Will her love continued to be unrequited even then?

★ ☆ ✰ Rating: 10/10

The main character is someone who really has never experienced “love” before and when seeing her first crush again, she decides to tell him once more that she is “in love” with him – only to be rejected again. This main character is someone that gets depress easily and gives up just as fast, but she can be a hard worker from time to time. However, she isn’t one to give up and even pushes Rin to confess his own feelings and be more comfortable with how he should act while on a date. She might be a bit of air-head and gets excited over food easily, but she is very positive and cares deeply about her friends, even at the risk of sacrificing her own feelings in the long run. She takes Rin’s attitude with stride and is able to even teases him back, her easy-going nature allows him to open up and reform their relationship though she ends up falling in love with him.

Rin Yakumo is a young pastry chef that has been recruited by Kokonoka Company, in order to celebrate its 100th anniversary. However, he is also a high school friend of the main character and that leads to them working together in this project, but once they realize each other’s problem they become allies in unrequited love! From the beginning, it is shown that Rin might be a little rough around the edges, but he actually means well and doesn’t know how to really express his feelings well. This leads to a lot of blushing on his part and it allows the main character to tease him back. Due to his ambitions, he has often lead an isolated life and it takes him time to make friends and he cares deeply about the main character as his first real friend, though it is something that he would say out-loud. Rin hasn’t spent a lot of time with people his age, so it is sort of strange for him to hang out with the rest of the group though he quickly falls into step with them. He is extremely hardworking and is always thinking about how he can improve his skills or what he can make to improve Parole. Rin also has a strong connection to his grandparents as he is shown to care deeply about his grandmother and moves forward with his grandfather’s memory when it comes to baking.

As stated before, Rin and the main character end up meeting again since he is the working pastry chef with Kokonoka Company for their new project. Hiroki ends up making the main character the main point of contact for Rin and they slowly fall into a steady friendship. The two of them soon realize that they each have a crush on a certain person and thus they become allies in confessing their love once and for all! Thus, they start researching and supporting each other in different ways, such as fake dates and reading shoujo manga. However, as the main character finally gets another chance with Hiroki, she realizes that her true feelings lie with Rin. Yet, things aren’t that easy as it seems that Rin could get a chance with his own crush, thus main character has to decide between her own happiness or Rin’s.

First, this story has some great pacing! It is great to see the main character and Rin form a friendship with each other first and support each other in their own ways before coming to realize their true feelings. They have some really sweet moments together and while the player might know where they are heading, it just feels like two have friends having fun. Their banter is hilarious but is never mean, they just have a good-natured jabs at each other. It is nice to see how both of them develop their feelings and they both have the same problem, but the main character takes it to another level as she seems physically sick at times due to hiding her feelings. It is also great to see how Rin cares to deeply about his grandmother, but needs his own support which comes through the main character and the rest of the crew.

There is minor help from the supporting cast since Rin and the main character mostly support each other, but the gang and even Hiroki input their own words that help either Rin or the main character realize what they have really been looking for. The theme seems to be that love and support comes from all different place, as shown with the main character and Rin and how they go from friends to lovers by the end.

Personally, I really loved this route due to its easygoing nature and the pacing of the whole relationship, so if you’re looking for something new to read consider checking it out!


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