2017 in Review.

Another year has passed us by! This year has been more about keeping up with the pace I have set for myself, while trying out different content articles, such as the Ambition interview and short top 10 lists. I haven’t drastically changed how I write reviews, but it seems that I have gotten better managing my time and how many games I can play without getting overwhelmed! I kinda fell off the wagon towards the end, but it’s nothing I can’t handle! I am happy with the progress I keep making and am looking forward to improving even more within the next year.  

Before moving forward, I want to look into back at some of the games that I enjoyed this year:

Cafe 0 ~The Sleeping Beast~tumblr_p1uruu26t11tfqlc4o4_1280

Cafe 0 is the second game of the Cafe 0 series from roseverte that was released on July 2016. It tells of story of Corliss Green, a young maid working in a villa and taking care of two twins, Ethan and Nathan. However, there is something strange within the villa and how it interacts with the village, and how the children seemed to be locked up all the time. As Corliss relives the last week of her life, she comes to see that she is more deeply connected to the background terror that took over the villa come years prior.

Cinderella Phenomenontumblr_p1uruu26t11tfqlc4o5_1280

Cinderella Phenomenon was created by Dicesuki and released on April 2017. It deals with the repercussions that comes with Lucette‘s attitude and problems trusting other people. As the princess of her country, Lucette doesn’t has the best reputation with either the people or her family, but it seems like she doesn’t care and only trusts in herself. An accident leads her to come to depend on others, as she tries to get her rightful place back  but also come to terms with who her mother really was and what she must do for her own happiness and the safety of her country.

Dragon Essencetumblr_p1uruu26t11tfqlc4o1_1280

Dragon Essence was created by Zeiva Inc. and created in May 2017. Chi An is a young woman that is color blind to the rest of the world, but it is a hidden secret to the rest of the world. In order to appease her mother, she has been set up with a childhood friend to wed, but there is so much more that she would rather be doing. Yet, something seems to free when she meets someone familiar from her childhood in a blast of gold — Tiang Zhao, who seems to dismantle the world that has cacconed her.


Nightshade was released by DP3 Published and released on April 2017. Enju Ueno is considered the princess of the Koga clan, but tries to work her hardest to live up to the expectations set up by her teacher and in trying to gain her father’s acceptance. It is then her and her group of friends are thrown into a mission for the current government.  However, this one mission throws her life into complete disarray as she struggles to survive been hunted down from both sides.

The House in Fata Morganatumblr_p1uruu26t11tfqlc4o2_1280

The House in Fata Morgana was published by Mangagamer and released on May 2016.

No summary, just play it and cry. 

These are just some of my favorite visual novels this year and I hope you take the time to play them!

As we move into the new year, I am looking forward to more games coming out especially those that were announced during Anime Expo 2017, though with a bit more caution due to what aries when it comes to localization. However, there are also a lot of indie games that I am excited to see when development is completed.  

There are a lot of games that are (might be) coming out next year that I am really excited to see.

As 2017 closes, I look forward to seeing all the games that next year has to offer, but at the same time I want to keep learning more and finding more games that I haven’t played yet. I have seen both the otoge and visual novel community expand as more of these games are being created and being brought into the Western market. There are people welcomed into these genres every day and that just makes me even more excited about talking with people and seeing what we can introduce each other to!

One way to do this is by writing my thoughts about certain games. Thus, here are some things that I have planned for 2018:

  • Bad Apple Wars Afterthoughts.
  • Code:Realize — An Analysis on the Beckfords. (Pending CR:FD)
  • Danga Ronpa Reviews.
  • Princess Arthur Route Reviews.

I have other ideas in mind, but these are the ones that I really want to complete during the year since some of them have been sitting in my notebook for sometime. Hopefully, I will be able to see them through!

Finally, thank you for taking the time to read this post and my reviews over the past year! Thank you Emma for putting up with me and doing so much for the wordpress in terms of design! Thank you to the people that have taken the time to talk to me about otome games/ visual novels! A special thanks to all the great developers that make games!

I hope you have a great 2018!



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