The Golden Hour Demo Review.

A young woman transfers into a new school in her mother’s distant hometown just as the term is nearing its close. She finds herself caught up in the a whirlwind of activity leading up the school’s annual Festival of Lights.

Amidst a tangle of friendships, rivalries, courtships and conflicts she comes to learn their dreams, joys, fears, and foibles of those close to her—and must confront her own, as well . Will her choices lead them to a new light? Or sink them deeper into the dark?

Learn more about The Golden Hour: Tumblr | Discord 

It should first be noted that it my be best to play the game from a mobile device for the best experience. The screen is very small when playing on a computer, however it has a beautiful GUI system and does really well in creating an environment for the school and is very interactive with side characters in order to make it more immersive. The character designs are all very beautiful while showing off all the characters’ uniqueness and how they are all into various things within the school. While, the CGs look a little sketchy in the demo, they are still very nicely done and I can’t wait to see if they have more to them.

In terms of story, the main character is a transfer student to Ayara High School in her mother’s hometown since the older woman changed jobs. She moves to the city but she also starts her first day of school on the same day. Throughout the day, she meets a unique cast of characters and comes to learn a little of the complex dynamics of the social hierarchy within this new school where the Ayara family seems to reign supreme, though there are those people that don’t seem to like its shinning beacon –Ishinagi– either. The main character know has to deal with the upcoming Festival of Light, new classmates and club activities, and maybe even falling in love?

The main character still seem trying to adjust to her new environment, though she seems to be curious about her mother’s hometown and has a knack for photography. It seems that she will be going through a lot and that her full personality might depend on the choices made for each route. When it comes to the bachelors, the two that caught my attention the most were Solomon Lee and Kouya Ibara. Sol caught my attention because even though he might seem like a bookworm, he seems very passionate about the arts and seems to know a lot of secrets around the school. Kouya has a non-sense personality and is a man of few words whenever the main character tries to talk to him. He seems very dedicated to the Discipline Committee and it will be intersting to see how the main character might change that.

The other two bachelors are Ishinagi Ayara and Rui Ferreira.  Nagi is someone that has a lot of clout due to his family’s name, but he also has a lot of enemies because of it. He seems regal in appearance and tries to help people, though he seems to be struggling to make his own mark in the world that has already seen so much from his family. Rui relates to the main character’s current position since that was him the year before, so he always tries to help her and has a smile on his face while doing so. He seems to have a large group of friends and is the current star of the school’s soccer team. However, the supporting cast of girl are all awesome and unique, it will be great to see how they become friends with the main character!

While I don’t always like school-based games, this game puts an intersting twist to it and I look forward to how it will change the experience. If you find it intersting, consider checking it out!


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