Kissed by the Baddest Bidder – Hikaru Aihara (Main Story) Review.

  • Hikaru Aihara used to be the helpful coworker from Dubai, but he seems to have a completely different personality now that they are in London.
  • As she becomes the assistant to the Mad Hatter, the main character finds herself in another trap that has her spying on the Bidders for Hikaru?
  • Can the main character survive? What exactly is Hikaru looking for? And, is she really falling for a mercenary?

★ ☆ ✰ Rating: 5/10

In the beginning, the main character is really confused about her new situation and has a hard time adjusting to living underground. It takes her some time to adjust and to really understand what is happening to her and why Hikaru has such a different personality. She is someone that deeply cares about people once she gets to know them, but she is also weary of authority as shown with Hikaru and the bidders. However, she is always friendly and holds a level of professionalism with them, though she does worry over what they are doing and outcomes of their actions. She has a tendency to rush into an argument with her emotions, which at times causes her not to see the whole picture or to fully understand what is going on around her. It is also because of this that she tends to dive in head first into dangerous situations without much regard for her own safety. Yet, she can be very sweet and is tries her hardest understand Hikaru and his past, even when he wants nothing to do with her. She is also very naive to her feelings at times, as it takes her awhile to realize that she is in love with Hikaru and it is even harder to figure out the reasons why she has fallen for him, especially with how he treats her during most of the route.

The Hikaru Aihara that the main character knew in Dubai was a charming coworker that always seemed there when she needed help. He was kind and always had a smile on his face, to the point that a lot of other coworkers developed a crush on him, maybe even the main character as pointed during the route. However, the real Hikaru isn’t like that — he is a cold-hearted, two-faced mercenary that sells his skills to kill others. He isn’t above threatening the main character and using her against Eisuke and co. He also seems to enjoy teasing her and trying to get some reaction out of her, but that doesn’t stop him from trying to push her away when he realizes that she might have feelings for him. At certain points of the route, it is hard to see if Hikaru does have emotions because while he might treat the main character cruelly at times, there are time where he seems to be trying and a lot of what he is doing is because he wants to know what happened to his parents and he even has a decent relationship with Hishikura.

There seems to be some killings within the city of London that have the bidders on edge, as they try to set up the newest auction. Through some strange circumstances, the main character ends up living with the Mad Hatter, who in turn pushes her to sign a contract with his “Master”. This person ends up being her old coworker, Hikaru Aiharu, who is acting very different from the last time that they saw each other and seems to be connected to the killings going on. Thus, the main character is walking a tightrope of getting information for Hikaru, while keeping Eisuke at bay. However, regardless of how mean he can be towards her at times, the main character still wants to know why Hikaru is doing all this.

One of my biggest issues with this route is that there seems to be no romance chemistry between the two, but somehow the main character ends up falling in love with Hikaru. He is nice to here a total of two times in the game, but she still loves him regards of how mean he can be to her. There is also no connection to their past working relationship and how that might have been where the main character started falling for him. It is just hard to believe that someone like the main character who fall for a cold-hearted mercenary like Hikaru without it being a case of Stockholm syndrome. At the same time, the story feels a a bit convoluted and there are a lot of unanswered questions, regardless of how much had gone into finding the answers but it doesn’t bother Hikaru, even though he has been searching for years? It just doesn’t make sense.

In terms of supporting characters, the Mad Hatter was always there supporting both the main character and Hikaru in his own ways and it is nice to see that the main character went from being scared of him to being able to sit down and have some tea with him. Hishikura also helped towards the end of the story, as he explained why Hikaru was doing certain things and gave the main character information in order to help him in the end. I really don’t know what was the theme of this story because it seems like even if you are a mean murderer, you can still find someone who will love you.

I usually don’t regret routes, but I really regret playing this one. But, if Hikaru sounds like your kind of guy, I ain’t stopping you.


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