Love Letter from Thief X – Taiga Kujo (Main Story) Review.

  • After establishing herself within the Black Foxes, the main character helps them during their various missions but during one of them gets seriously injured .
  • She ends up getting help from Taiga Kujo – the doctor of the underworld– though it is not without its own set of problems.
  • As she starts helping Taiga out, she sees a different side to him, but there is a lot of things that he seems to be hiding behind his smile.

★ ☆ ✰ Rating: 7/104

The main character is a hardworking museum curator who just happens to also be part of the Black Foxes. By the time that this route begins, she has already established herself within the group and tries her hardest to help, while everyone seems to look at her like a little sister. She seems to enjoy her job and believes that the Black Foxes are doing right by returning the artworks they steal back to their rightful owners, her love and dedication to museums and art seems to stem from the time she spent with her grandfather –the Di Vinci of Japan– as a child. Outside of this, she seems to care deeply about her friends and slowly comes to worry about Taiga as well, even though she doesn’t believe in what he does at first nor does she really trust him in the beginning. She tends to be highly curious since she tends to always be wondering about Taiga and wants to learn more about him. She tries to be helpful, but can get quite defensive when it comes to things that she cares about.

Taiga Kujo is the current doctor of the underworld that seems to care about his questionable patients, but he does charge high fees. It is through this that the main character starts working with him and she soon finds out that he cares little for the moral ethics of what his patients do, he just wants to help them. He is quiet and rather mysterious, so the main character finds it hard to understand it him sometimes. However, he is dedicated to his work and that at times fills him with guilt, especially when it comes to a previous patient. He is really caring and seems to be very kind, though it is hard to see it at first. Yet, he can’t seem to move on from the mistakes he has made, he starts moving away from the main character though he seems unable to do so. However, unlike Hyosuke, Taiga seems all right with the situation regarding his parents and it isn’t a big part of his story.

After getting injured on a mission and barely surviving, the main character starts working as an assistant for Taiga to start paying off her medical debt. However, she finds it hard to work with the patients that Taiga deals with due to their shady dealings, but Taiga says that he’s there to help everyone. She gets to know him better and comes to see a different side to Taiga and during a mission sees that there is a accident in his past that he can’t let go of. Then, the main character starts trying to find a way to help Taiga move on, and in the process ends up falling in love with the doctor — but, can he finally move on and finally be free?

The story is really sweet and emotional, but some of the hesitation makes it a bit frustrating. Taiga’s problem is made known of early on, but nothing is done about until the very end. There is just a lot of pining between the main character and Taiga and nothing ever moves forward, neither of them pushes the other until the very end. It makes the route feel slow and that the problems between the two of them, which seem one-sided on the main  character’s part, could have been resolved quicker. Compared to Hyosuke’s route, this one is less-action based and the story of their parents are only brushed upon for a moment. However, Taiga is a sweet and romantic guy once everything is cleared up.

The Black Foxes, particularly Riki, are always worried about the main character once she becomes Taiga’s assistant and try to find a quicker way to remove her debt. However, they become aware of her feelings before even she does and are very supportive to help her and Taiga. Eventually, everyone seems like a big family once the Black Foxes and the Kujo siblings become better antiquated with each other to the point of teaching and friendly rivalries between the whole group. The theme seems to be centered around not giving up since Taiga had done so on his dreams and couldn’t move on until the main character pushed him.

Taiga has a great character, but his story is kind of hard to get into for the most part. But, if you like his character type, consider checking him out!


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