Shall We Date: Demon’s Bond – Kazutake (Main Story) Review.

  • Yukina Suzumori is the young chieftain that watches over Princess Yase and for the first time, she finds herself face-to-face with the other members of the Ten Demon Alliance.
  • However, as she gets to know the other chieftains better, she comes to see how they interact with humans which seems to be leading them towards different sides of the current war.
  • As Yukina tries to figure out how to get them all to come back to the village, she finds herself drawn to Kazutake and help him defend a rather strange human – Mitsunari Ishida.

★ ☆ ✰ Rating: 8.5/10

Yukina Suzumori is a young Chieftain of the Ten-Demon Alliance and the current bodyguard to Princess Yase. As she was raised by the Demon Elders, she hardly seems to act like a “woman” and is very die hard early on to follow the rules that have been instilled within her — that humans shouldn’t be trusted and that demons should not connect with them. She has a very non-sense personality and very straightforward about her emotions and how she deals with the other members of the Ten-Demon Alliance and because of this, it is also very easy to tease her at times. It might be said that due to her personality, she might come off as gullible to some. Yukina is very stubborn in what she believes in, but that slowly changes over time as she spends time outside Yase Village. However, because of how she sees things early on, she tends to get into small spats with the other Chieftains, though they tend to ignore her out-of-date thinking. Nevertheless, she is also very dedicated to the people that she cares about, while forming bonds with people quickly, though she is hit very hard emotionally when something happens to them. However, she goes through a lot of confusion and growing to form her own opinion due to her recent human interactions. In this route, she seems a bit more unaware of how she feels about Kazutake and doesn’t declare her feelings until the ending. She also seems to be easier to negotiate with, though she is still very stubborn about certain things, such as training and being treated like a child. She looks up to Kazutake a lot  and wishes to be a mature chieftain like him.

Kazutake seems to be oldest member of the Ten-Demon Alliance, and thus seems to be the most serious and mature of the group. He takes traditions and promises very seriously and tries his hardest to protect Yukina since she is a female demon. However, as the story moves forward he seems to take her personal feelings more into consideration, but still tries his best to protect her in his own way. A lot of the human contact that Kazutake has made is due to his clan and his wish to make their lives better, since he has been promised a village of his own when the war is over. He is also very calm and tries to see everything with a clear head and tends to mediate a lot, though he seems to be a very protective and equally stubborn person when it comes to Yukina’s safety. His word is everything and he never backs down from a promise he has made.

Yukina first ends up meeting all the other chieftains after the Princess’s dream and though they all don’t get off on the right foot, they seem to connect rather quickly. However, there seems to be a disagreement with her declaration that the chieftains should not concern themselves with human affairs and the upcoming war, which seems to be more difficult for those who live outside of the village and interact with humans on a daily basis. Yet, on that same night, the Princess is attacked and falls into a deep sleep with none of the chieftains allowed to leave, as the rest of the country slowly falls into the chaos of the upcoming war. However, after some months of waiting for the Princess to wake up, each chieftain starts getting new information from their respective homes and that they need to return, it is then then that Yukina and the elders find out their hidden ties to the human world. Yukina ends up finding out that Kazutake is protecting a very important man by the name of Mitsunari Ishida, who plan on going to war against the Tokugawa. While Kazutake might not like Yukina following him around, he comes to let protect Mitsunari and look for the demons that attacked Princess Yase. As the Battle of Sekigahara draws closer, Kazutake seems more nervous to keep her around the battle, but by this time Yukina is determined to help Kazutake fulfill his clan’s dream. As the war comes to an end, Yukina comes to realize what she truly feels for Kazutake, though she might have to wait for some time before she can tell him.

First, I want to point out that Kazutake and Yukina have a real solid relationship, but their personalities make it a little hard for the romance to be seen. It is mostly seen through subtle actions and consideration, such as Kazutake going from not wanting Yukina to be there to not even telling her anymore since he already knows what her answer will be. Yukina comes to care about Kazutake and while she might not realize what her true feelings are, she cares deeply about him and achieving his clan’s dream. It might take them awhile, but they do end falling in love, though the lack of it might frustrate some people while playing this route. In the normal ending, this make it sadder since Kazutake isn’t able to achieve his dream, though in exchange to protect the people he made a promise to.

Like in the other previous routes with the other elders, Elder Koto ends up sacrificing himself and giving his powers to Yukina. However, unlike the others, he really didn’t travel to Yukina to the places she was going and his powers weren’t given a hard explanation, all this coupled together made it sort of hard to connect with his death unlike the other two.

In terms of Mitsunari, he has an intersting relationship with Yukina and Kazutake, though it does seem that he does soften up and cares about them enough to remove them of their duty in the end, and even has an intersting scene with Yukina during the bad ending.

Kazutake has a strong and caring route, though there isn’t much romance while playing it. It might also be a good route to start off the game with, and does a good job in showing the losing side of the Battle of Sekigahara.

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