Bad Apple Wars Day One Ed.

So, back in the Aksys Panel that took place earlier this year, a lot of people got excited when a Bad Apple Wars LE was potential announced. I, like many others, was very excited about this prospect though it of full under the radar after that. It took some time, but eventually it turned into a Day One Edition that was limited to only being bought in GameStop. At lot of people, particularly international fans, were upset with this news while others were disappointed that this edition only included an artbook and the game. I was in the latter group, but I wanted to support the game and thus I ordered it.

First off the box art looks really nice and does a good job in differentiating itself from the art of the PSVita cover. Inside, there was only the art book and the game. It was small, but the the art is filled with a lot of goodies and profiles that introduce the characters to the player, along with some concept which is surprising to see since that isn’t always added to artbooks like this one.

Looking deeper in to the artbook, all of Suoh’s art is really beautiful and the chibis are fun to look at. However, I do still wish that there has been something else added, especially since the music to the Bad Apple Wars is so good! At the sake time, it is kind of sad that none of the comments within the book, except the last one. It would have been nice to see what was going on during the concept art phase. It is a good start for more series, especially since no other otome games published by Aksys got similar treatment but it still feels half-assed compared to what some people were hoping for.


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