Liar! Uncover the Truth -Lovers Routes- Afterthoughts.

So, even after kicking him to the crub, there is one liar that won’t leave her mind.

Her choices and her attitude keep haunting her, while fate decides to push them together once more! A lot of things are learned in the process, but does love make up for being lied and played with? 

It took some time, but I finally finished the Liar! Uncover the Truth Lovers routes and I wanted to write my overall thoughts of this section of the game. This will mainly be centered on the story, the characters, and their development in order to that they can finally be happy together.  I will not be keeping the identities anonymous this time around.

**Please note that this will not be a completely spoiler-free reflection.

What Happened to a Fairy tale?: The Start of the Lovers Route

IMG_0906After the 6th Liar, the Lovers route (main story and epilogue) open for the each liar afterwords. Each of them start off with either the main character or the bachelor are determined to get the other one back or get to know more about them due to the way things ended. In these short stories, there is more depth to each of their problems and in trying to better understand each other while forming the foundation to a healthy relationship.

In terms of Mr. Right’s route, things are a little bit more different, as the main character realizes that not everything is sunshine and rainbows with her new boyfriend since he seems to be hiding his own “dark secret”.

A Yakuza Mob Wife: Haruichi Mamiya

e774e5ffe96858b98d524ba582284ecfb54581dd_hqAfter realizing that Haruichi is a member (and heir) to the local yakuza group, she still has to deal with him at work, though he doesn’t want to give up on her just yet! The main character seems to feel the same way, but is afraid of everything that could happen in the long run due to his shady connections. Things get more complicated as the main character has to deal with an overbearing mother, planning his little sister’s wedding, and getting involved in gang wars!

To be honest, Haruichi was my favorite bachelor when playing the original game and I automatically bought his route when finishing his story arc. I enjoyed seeing that the main character overcame her fears and even though Haruichi’s mother said she wasn’t any good, she promises to work hard and support Haruichi in everything that she can. At the same time, Haruichi comes to genuinely fall in love with the main character since he was just looking for someone to marry in the beginning, but her personality and hard work make him change his mind. He rushes to help her at the end and seems ready to move out of her life after everything that happened, but that doesn’t occur. Hopefully, all this development and genuine feelings taking place will stop the bad ending ever taking place.

A Love Story in The Making: Kazumi Kagami

kazumiAfter finding out that Kazumi isn’t really a drug addict, the main character can’t seem to get the ill writer out of her mind and keeps wondering why he doesn’t want to fall in love. Wanting to know more about him and realizing her own potential feelings, she sets off to see him once more and apologize for how she acted before. They end up spending some time together and the same problems arise once more, as the main character to learn more about Kazumi’s past. Yet, problems with his upcoming book and the potential television deals put a strain on Kazumi, as the main character decides to step up her game. The problems pill up and a break is called but through all this messiness they end up finding each other once more, though it might be too late for Kazumi.

I really enjoyed the beginning of the route because the main character seems remorseful of the position that she put Kazumi in and works hard to apologize and better understand him in the process. However, she ends up getting sucked into the glitz of being by his side and sort of forgets what she was there to do in the first place and then goes to the extreme of pushing him to tell her things, and Kazumi’s reaction to all this is justified. However, the main character does try to help and it ends benefiting Kazumi in the long run, though it all seems a little hard to believe. Kazumi’s reasoning for not getting closer to people is also justified, though it would have been nice to see how Kazumi changed his mind when it comes to love in regards to the main character.

Redemption, Disgrace: Azusa Kurono 

azusaAfter kicking Azusa to the curb, the main character is working hard at her job and trying not to think about the scam artist. However, her dreams turn into a reality when Azusa pops into her apartment saying that he is changing his ways and needs a temporary place to stay. Outside of her better judgement, she gives him a week to stay, but any fishy stuff and she is calling the police! She learns a lot of things about Azusa during this short week and seems to be falling even deeper for him, but it seems that old habits die hard and there are even more people seeking retribution from the former scam artist as well.

After everything that Azusa said and did, it was a little hard to believe he was going to suddenly change his ways and it was good that the main character was always weary of him, though the player could clearly tell that she had feelings for him. This whole route is very sweet with how Azusa tries to help the main character in different ways and ends up being very domestic during his time there by cleaning the house and making all of the meals. He is clearly trying to win her over, but there is not real reason why, which ends up leaving a tense air between the two of them towards the end. This route is also funnier than the more serious Lover routes since Azusa’s previous activities leads to the most intersting characters going after the main character, though it would have been nice to have Azusa explain everything beforehand rather than making the main character suffer more than she had to.

Third Time’s the Charm: Sotaro Shiga


Ever after learning that Sotaro had been married twice before, the main character cannot stop thinking about him. After avoiding Itaru, she finds herself still thinking about the doctor. She tries to make it work with Sotaro, but there is also a lot she wants to learn about in regards to his previous marriages. There are a lot of secrets between the two of them and family only makes the issue more complicated when Sotaru’s father doesn’t seem to like the main character. The question is whether they can really be together with so many unresolved issues and secrets between them.

Personally, I enjoyed all the character development that Sotaro and by extension the main character go through in this story. At the end of the 9th Liar route (and before that), Sotaro is shown to want a woman that stays at home and supports his career. In the story, it is shown why he believes this and the main character’s stubbornness makes him see things a different way to that point that he doesn’t want anyone else being his wife, Sotaro wants the main character as his wife because he loves her. The main character has a funny side story of trying to tell Sotaro that she can’t really cook or clean, but she does try because she loves him. However, while there was some information on Sotaro’s 2nd marriage, it would have been nice if there was a bit more in regards to his 1st and an easier way to let down Itaru in the process.

Mr. Sandman, Bring Me A Dream: Itaru Yuikawa

itaru After going through 9 liars, the main character has found the man of her dreams — Itaru Yuikawa! The man of her dreams has a great personality with a handsomely paying job and he listens to everything that she wants! Everything is perfect in her life right now…but something feels off about Itaru at times. Looking back into her past, she finds out what exactly he has been hiding from her. Will she be able to move forward with everything that she has learned, or is the fairy tale already over?

Itaru seems a little pushy at first, but he seems to have the best of intentions in mind and it does help the main character score some brownie points at work! Things start getting a little weird up to the point where the big revelation happens. The way that everything transpires in the one scene and how Itaru declares that he created this persona just to have the main character fall in love him is just creepy and it took me out of the whole route for awhile. It was really hard to understand how one incident leads him to stripping himself of his own individuality and self-image in order to form this “perfect person” for someone he might never see again — it’s just mind boggling and it is good to see that the main character has a similar if not more volatile reaction to this.

From that point on, a comparison builds between the two that neither one of them can be their “real selves” unless with each other, as shown in certain scenes where they make it back to their hometown. There isn’t anyone else that could possibly understand where they come from and that’s where the main character starts to fall in love again, though she does lay some ground rules about the whole “image problem” Itaru seems to have. The route works really hard in establishing that the main character and Itaru are made for each other and it wasn’t just a fluke because they compliment each other really well, but are also aware of the other’s flaws and accept them whole-heartedly.

Final Thoughts

One of the pluses when it comes to the routes is that there is more art in each of them and even if it is just 3 pictures, it is more given to the player within the original game. They are all beautifully done and show off well that the main character and the bachelor are truly happy.  At the same time, the stories are funny and the characters show a lot of growth a well.

All the routes do a good job in giving the Liar more context and showing them off as a 3D character. Sure, some of them shouldn’t be forgiven but it does a good job in showing their reasons why. The stories also do a good job in developing the characters and building their relationships from where they left off. The main character, outside of Kazumi’s route, always seems to be weary of the Liar even though she might have feelings for them. Even in Itaru’s route, it takes her sometime to trust him again and a lot of reflecting to understand why he did what he did, even if she still finds it a little weird. There is a lot of character growth in all these route, both in individual and as a couple, so that there are no more lies between any of them anymore. Some of the stories might be a little far-fetched, but they are funny and remind the player of the nature of the original Liar! game.

If you really like the character and cannot let them go just yet, consider checking their love route out!








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