Liar! Uncover the Truth Afterthoughts.

“Have you been cheating on me?!”

A breakup with your cheating boyfriend leads you… …straight into the arms of ten gorgeous men?!

But beware! Nine of these ten guys are no-good liars!

Just you watch. I’ll find Mr. Right. These liars don’t stand a chance!

It took some time, but I finally finished Liar! Uncover the Truth and decided to write my overall thoughts of the game. This will mainly be centered on the gameplay, the characters, their lies that the main character has to solve in order to find her happy ending, and whether the main character did the right thing. However, I will keep the identities of each liar anonymous, as to keep spoilers to a limit.

**Please note that this will not be a completely spoiler-free reflection.

An Undercover Investigator: Gameplay to find a Liar

When the game first came out, it was being compared to Ace Attorney and that holds some truth. The main character has to make it through each liar and find out exactly what they have been keeping from her. This is done by gathering clues throughout the chapter and at the end pressing the liar with the evidence found and coming up with a solid connection. Each chapter is a certain length (and the games gives the player 5 daily tickets to play the route or they can just buy a lot all at once), the player also needs “Cool Points” in order to pass certain sections of the chapter, which is done through answering “dating advice” questions, though they can seem really strange at times. Depending on how long it takes the player and whether they make all the correct choices, there is variety of endings that they can chose from and see different aspects of the liar and their motives — whether good or bad.  Like any mobage, there are special events to play though and objects to collect in regards to one’s favorite liar.

Sick and Tired of being Bamboozled: Background + The Heroine

Now, how does one get into this sort of situation, you might ask? Well, by finding out that their current boyfriend is cheating on them, as the main character did which leads her to mixer for rich guys since she is sort of feeling the pressure of getting married at her age. She meets a lot of strange people but also some potential hunks she can get with, however she is given the ominous warning that she will need to go through 9 liars before she finds her “perfect match”. So, she sets off on a quest that leads her into some very strange scenarios in order to find Mr. Right. All the liars seems to be hiding something and while it seems to grow a bit tamer as the game moves forward, the main character isn’t without her own secrets as well.

Ar first, the main character is shown to be a stylish wedding planner that always seems to be on top of her game, though she seems to always have trouble in the love department. She might seem gullible at times, but she knows very well what to track down once it is on her radar. However, there are moments where she jumps to conclusions and it bites her back in the worst kind of way. While, some people might think she docile, she actually has quite the temper and snaps back quickly, though it might not be the greatest thing to do at first. She tends to be very spunky and extremely strong-willed, especially with all the crazy antics that she goes through. Though, she isn’t the great cook that she claims to be to the guys within the story and is actually really lazy to the point that her apartment is a mess through the entire story. She also has a tendency of ignoring her family’s demands of her getting married, though she still seems to love them a lot as shown during the last liar storyline. However, after her last disaster of a relationship, ashe is quick to pick up when someone might be lying to her.

1st Lair: He’s a Mama’s Boy!?

This man in shown to be cheerful, energetic, and rather popular with the ladies due to his career. He also seems very eager to get married and start a family since he asks the main character to marry him right off the bat, but as the main character discovers this man is very attached to his mother to the point that they still take baths together! The man goes on to explain that it won’t cause a problem in their marriage, but he always seems to be putting his mother before the main character, the mother in-turn doesn’t seem to have the best attitude with the main character. While, it is explained why this man is so devoted to his mother and the type of childhood that he has had, the bad ending shows that the main character is still pushed aside and treated more like a housemaid than an actual wife.

Some of the aspects of his personality seems reasonable due to his background, but he just goes to the extreme when it comes to his mother and his father doesn’t seem like a good example of how to handle a family either. Thus, it seems perfectly fine that the main character kicked him to the curve!

2nd Liar: That Guy’s got Anger Problems

The next guy is shown to be really sweet, mild-mannered, and on the shy side when it comes to interacting with the main character (though he comes up with a nice nickname for her), but he seems to really enjoy his job. He seems popular with the people that visit his shop, but seems to struggle with maintain a relationship which makes the main character a little curious. As the main character begins to investigate, she comes to see that there are some strange damages within his shop and there are questionable incidents surrounding certain females that used to work for him. She soon comes to realize that this guy has a serious case of anger issues that destroy all of his romantic relationships when he fears that his partner might be cheating. When the main character confronts him, he attacks her and thus destroys any chance of them being together.

While the reasoning for his fears are reasonable, especially when looking back at his first relationship, his extreme violence and how quickly he thinks that his partner is cheating on him is way too unhealthy. The way he suddenly treats the main character is deceptive to how is he portrayed within the previous chapters and it is shown in the bad ending that he continues this type of behavior with the main character to point that she is scared most of the time to interact with other men. Thus, it seems perfectly fine that the main character kicked him to the curve!

3rd Liar: Kind got an Idol fetish

After all this, the main character seems to have caught the attention of a world-famous man, while at the same time being compared to a rather popular idol named Nanayami! This man is lavishing her with clothes and dates, and she seems to be buying into it! However, the main character has another problem lurking, as someone has been following her. This eventually leads to her getting kidnapped and dressed up as said idol and seeing her stalker’s shrine to Nanayami as well. It is thanks to the other bachelors that the main character is saved and she soon realizes that her most recent suitor only likes her because she looks like the idol. Not listening to his pathetic excuses, the the main character kicks him to the curve!

This whole chapter was just really creepy and just because the main character looks like Nanayami, doesn’t excuse kidnapping and trying to turn her into a different person. The explanation given for his strange obsession isn’t even strong enough to explain why he had to kidnap the main character, especially when he is close to the object of his desire in a certain way. The bad ending just makes the main character seem so pathetic and the guy just throws her away when she ages, which is just weird. This is by far the weirdest and cringe-worthy bachelor of the entire game.

4th Liar: Quite the Gambler.

The next liar is someone that the main character looked up to during her college years and now he has come back into her life as a popular and prosperous business man! They end up going out and talking about the time they have missed, while reminiscing that they both seemed to have liked each other during that time but nothing happen. However, the main character notices that she is being taken to some strange places and this man is asking her to sign some shady papers. At the end, she also realizes that a beloved pen of hers has gone missing, so she starts searching for what is really going on and realizes that her once dream man has a huge gambling debt and it doesn’t seem like it is going to stop anytime soon. He is so far gone that he was going to forge her signature on some paperwork, while already having pawned off her precious pen! After all the said and done the main character decides that it is best to break free from her former crush.

It is sad to see how this guy gets caught up in gambling, but the way he tries to fix his problem isn’t very smart either. It’s even more pathetic how her tries to get the main character involved without her knowing at all! It’s very sad to see how far he has fallen, but he seems to have some chance at redemption as shown in one of his endings. Yet, it is too little too late for him and the main character as she continues to move forward to find Mr. Right.

5th Liar: A Spoken for Man

The main character this time around ends up getting swept up by a handsome diplomat who seems to share a lot of her interests. He is charming and a smooth-talker, but there are certain things surrounding his home that don’t seem to add up and the main character starts to get suspicious. Through some investigation and the slip-up of another diplomat, the main character finds out that this handsome man is married and has a daughter, but he likes having a mistress on the side and he has been eyeing the main character to be his newest girl. After being confronted with all this, this guy has the audacity to deny everything, though it obvious where his main interest lie as he continues to try to win her over. Not listening to his pathetic excuses, the the main character kicks him to the curve!

This guy is just a scumbag because even though he has the perfect life, he just needs to have a girl on the side or some sick contests with his coworkers. What he does really doesn’t have an excuse as it was also shown that he would turn on the main character in an instant if she tried to change the dynamics of their relationship during one of the bad endings. So, it seems perfectly fine that the main character turned him down in the worst possible way.

6th Liar: For the Family

The next man is someone that the main character knows through work with his company and he seems to be smart and very hardworking. The main character gets to know him outside of the work setting and sort of gets swept off her feet, however there are certain shady people and dealings within his company that catch her attention. She puts two and two together and comes to realize that he is not only part of yakuza, but he is the heir to the boss! The main character comes to fear for her life, as she makes her suspicions known to him. She tells him everything and while he tries to deny it at first, he eventually lets up who he really is and lets the main character go with her life, though they still seem to keep a distant work relationship.

This man seems to be remorseful of his connections to the yakuza, but he doesn’t push them away either. He commands them well and as shown in one of the bad endings he would be willing to throw away the main character for the sake of saving everything else. As much as he seems interested in the main character, he cannot seem to cut off his past and that isn’t really what love is about. So, it seems perfectly fine that the main character turned him away.

7th Liar: A Drug Addict? 

The next guy that catches the main character’s attention is a mature and popular writer that seems to know all the latest celebrities and what parties to go to. The main character seems to be enjoying these aspects of going out with him, but that changes when someone close to him is connected to drugs on the news, throw in what she has been seeing in certain areas within these parties and she beings to suspect the writer. She does her usual snooping and even his editor seems to be a little weary to what she is doing. However, something goes horribly wrong along the way and the main character finds out what his medication is really for and in his remorse, he ends up telling her that she should be with someone that will make her happy and will be with her for a long time. In the end, she ends getting pushed away and the whole incident ends leaving a depressing after taste for both the player and the main character.

While the ending was hard to go through, it was great that this type of character was in Liar! because it does show that the main character cannot be too distrustful of people because it is going to bite her back. At the same time, it is good to see that main character gets a dose of her own medicine since in her own way she is lying to all these bachelors about the type she really is. While, it would be nice to see the writer’s personal ideas about himself change, the main character has to mature a bit more. Overall, it seems like her lose in the long run, though all this drama got me interested in reading his Lovers’ route.

8th Liar: A Scam Artist.

After all that is said and done, the main character’s attention gets stolen by a younger, attractive, and smoothing talking man. He claims that he is a fashion designer, but he seems to be saying a lot of contradicting things that grabs the main character’s attention, though they are quickly pushed away with some of his flirtations. As she gets closer to him, she comes to see that he has a completely different set of interests but things didn’t go the way he wanted them to due to familial issues. At the same time, her friend tells her to be weary of scam artist that wed women to get their money. Things begin to fall apart as she grow suspicious of him and suddenly he asks her to marry him! As she begins uncover more, she realizes that he is currently engaged to several people, taking their money, and that he doesn’t really believe in love or marriage.

Like the 5th Liar, it takes sometime for this guy to admit what he has been doing, but once he does there seems to be no remorse on his part. While, he seems to have started out with a semi-noble purpose, it all just spiraled and though it might not be for him, it is something that he gotten completely used to and he looks down on any women that falls for his schemes. He tries to force her not to leave, but it ends up backfiring on him as she throws him to the curb. While, his background make him a rather sympathetic character, the way that he treats the main character in the overall revelation shows what he really thinks of women like her and the concept of love/marriage. So, it seems perfectly fine that the main character pushed him away.

9th Liar: Married and Divorced…Twice!? 

Finally, the main character has made it to the end with 2 guys vying for her attention! However, before any of that can be dealt with the main character has to deal with her sister pushing her to take care of her nephew for some time. This allows her to see the last two guys handle children and raises the question as to whether they want any to begin with. As she tries to handle her family questioning when she is going to get married, the main character tries to figure out whether these two are drinkers, yet that investigation spirals into something completely different — whether her potential Mr. Right has been married before. Through her investigation of each of their homes, she puts two and two together and realizes that the hunky doctor that saved her nephew has not only been married once, but twice! Thus, she throws him to the curb before he can explain himself, but it is shown during the bad endings that he sees his wife more as a maid and roommate to take care of him than as an equal life partner.

Thus, the main character ends up finding Mr. Right in the FX Trader! He’s kind and sweet, and seems to be everything that the main character wants in a man. However, just because they have started a budding romance doesn’t mean that the lies have completed stopped.

Final Thoughts 

First off,  I think benichi’s image from their own review explains a lot of what I expected and what I actually got from the overall game. There was a lot of promise to the game and it seem very out of the ordinary compared to all the other games that Voltage Inc. has given the Western market. The play style of the game reminded a lot of people of Ace Attorney and Dangan Ronpa, but while uncovering the lies were fun in the beginning — the need of cool point and tickets made the game a hassle to go through at times and I found myself ignoring it for days because I knew I didn’t have what was necessary in order to move forward. It’s not that it couldn’t be done, but it took a long time to complete the game without using money and even then it felt a bit anticlimactic due to not getting all the endings or not completing it with an “S”, but that is a feeling I had to let go off if I just wanted to finish the game, and let’s not even get started on events I couldn’t even take a part of.

Nevertheless, the game has a very polished look and all the art is amazing! However, while going through the game the player doesn’t really get to see that. There aren’t really any CGs in the main game, it is when the player buys an Lovers route that they are able to see how stunning some of the CGs can be, there isn’t even one for when you finally get with the FX trader — the whole point of the investigating and game in the first place and the game doesn’t even reward you with that! It isn’t until you dish extra cash to see what happens after the main game, which sort of puts a damper on the player’s parade because what is the point of all of it in the end? Was it all just for the chase?

In regards to the characters, the main character is a refreshing take on a Voltage heroine because she is so proactive and tries her hardest not to be made of fool of again, there are times where you wonder what the hell she is doing but she just gets right back up again! She is a bit to headstrong and that gets her into some strange situations at times, but she tries to learn from it as best that she can. In her own way, she is a liar too, but she doesn’t really learn her lesson? Or maybe she learns it early on? It is really hard to decide. Some of the male characters are more agreeable than others, but they do get less strange after the 5th Liar, though there are dangerous exceptions.

To be truthful, Mr. Right compared to everyone else seemed a little bland, but maybe that was the point? However, there are the Lovers routes that make up for that if there is someone that the player is still longing for, as I was over the 6th Liar. The stories have the potential of adding more depth to the Liar’s previously given background, but it is sort of hard to believe that these men suddenly change because of their love for the main character, especially after some of the things that they have done and said to her as a result. At the same time, some of the main character’s fiery spirit seems to be lost when she decides to settle for someone that lied to her, when she promised in the beginning that she wouldn’t do so, all these things put together are kind of hard to believe.

Nevertheless, Liar! is still a good game to enjoy if you want to be a detective but without all the seriousness that might come with a murder trial. It is a mixed bag at times, but it is an enjoyable game when you have some time and money to kill.


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