Lads in Distress Demo.

  • For her 18th birthday, Princess Charming is having a ball with all the most eligible royalty of the land coming to celebrate this momentous occasion. However, everyone really knows that this is a subtle way to have Charming look for a future husband to help save the Lunar Kingdom from bankruptcy.
  • Yet, Charming’s strong need to have an adventure and save people leads to her in to looking at the 4 princes that have her parents on edge. On the night of the ball, she decides to spent some time with each of them.
  • Against her parents’ wishes, Charming decides to pursue one of these fine lads that seems to need saving.

This review will go a bit deeper into the game in regards to story and new characters introduced. To read my initial thoughts about the game, check out my first review talking about the demo, though I caution you that there might be potential spoilers. 

First off, it should be said that the art quality has both been steady and improved at the same time. All the characters seems the same from the Nanoreno version, but it is great to see that Ellis fits well into the game. It is also great to see the character designs for Charming’s parents and Tabitha because it does add extra details to Charming as a character since the player is able to see that she has connections outside of Nicholl and we are able to see where she gets her great look from. The updates GUI system looks nice and the add purple and gold gives it a sort of royal field, though I kind of miss the starry GUI the first game had.

In terms of the story, it doesn’t really change for the original bachelors, but there is more conversations seen between Charming and the people that care about her — her parents, Nicholl, and Tabitha. These added scenes make Charming gives her more of a personality rather than the lonely bu adventurous princess that can get her parents to do anything she wants. The King and Queen constantly worry about their only child, but are constantly fighting her strong personality and the notion that she isn’t a child anymore, especially with the concept of marriage being so important for the future of the Lunar Kingdom. Tabitha seems like the only person that can stop Charming in her tracks by teasing her, but she also worries about the princess’s current situation.

The changes come in with the two new routes for Nicholl and Ellis. For Nicholl, he wishes to find a solution to the Lunar Kingdom’s problems without Charming getting married, which leads him to set off to the Land of Dragons in order to form some type of diplomatic relationship, though he ends up in an even worst situation. Nicholl’s emotions are more evident here and it seems like he let’s them take over in order to help Charming and she does the same once they get news of what happened to him. It will be intersting to see how their relationship changes through this journey and just how aware each of them about their own feelings.

When it comes to Ellis, Charming has to not only fight with the potential rumors that her future husband could be a murdered, but that he might not be interested in her at all. Ellis isn’t very into politics or learning about the social customs that come with being king, which makes him socially awkward and with a tendency to run away from Charming, to her displeasure. This leads to her being a little desperate to catch his attention, which leads to some hilarious situations, but she believes that it will also make it easier for them divorce once everything is said and done. It will be nice to see what the two of them will learn from each other since they come from different aspects of being royal children.

The new routes have a lot of potential to show some new sides to Charming and I am excited to see the new changes to the old routes as well. So, if you like feisty main characters and fairytales with a twist, consider checking the new demo out!


2 responses to “Lads in Distress Demo.

  1. The names in here are very funny, specially hers – Charming, kinda reminds me of the other one were the MC was named Mary Sue (≧▽≦)
    Well it seems interesting, ty for the review.


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