Mystic Destinies: Serendipity of Aeons – Hikaru Kazama (Main Story) Review.

  • Unable to pick a tutor to help with her new powers, Tsubasa chooses the most knowledgeable out of the group the professor – Hikaru Kazama.
  • However, they don’t really get along and things just gets worst when they are attacked by a goddess, Tsuneka, that seems to hold a vendetta against Hikaru.
  • Now, Tsubasa has to work through various timelines in order to put Hikaru back together. Though, she might learn more about the mysterious professor and his connection to Shizuka – how will she be able to handle all that and her growing emotions?

★ ☆ ✰ Rating: 9/10

Tsubasa is usually shown as logical and following everything within reason, a slightly different side of her is shown here. She is scared of her new powers and what has happened to Hikaru, but she keeps moving forward to save him because he saved her. Tsubasa feels a lot of confusion over her personal feelings in regards to Shizuka, but she tries her best to better understand the woman that will one day be her mother and the connection she has to Hikaru. Through all her training, she takes everything with stride and while she does complain here and there, it seems that there is barrier between teacher and student that cause a hostile tension early on. However, as she gets to know him, Tsubasa becomes very supportive of his actions and tries to ease his burden through everything that she has seen of him. She might get angry at times, but it is in response to the way Hikaru talks about himself and she is always there to remind him of all the good he has done for people. Yet, it takes her awhile to understand the type of person Hikaru really is.

Hikaru Kazama is the enigmatic professor that can’t seem to get along well with Tsubasa, though there might be rumors about him being a womanizer he always seems to have a sour look on his face when she is near. From the beginning, Hikaru is shown to be knowledgeable in what he is teaching Tsubasa, though he doesn’t seem to like spending the extra time teaching. However, he does his best to protect when they are attacked by Tsuneka. From that point on, Hikaru slowly lets go of his defenses and shown to be a person that deeply cares about helping others, though that has left him with a deep guilt of his past failures. He cares deeply about things and was very idealistic about what he could to help, though his powers sometimes got in the ways of things. At the same time, Hikaru lives in two world due to the type of powers he has and seems to have a rather lonesome air to him, even though he appreciates everything that has been given to him. However, the most shocking thing about his past might be his connection to Shizuka.

As stated beforehand, Tsubasa ends up choosing Hikaru to teach her how to control her new powers, though neither of them seem to really like the arrangements made. There is a tension between and seem hostile towards each other until they are attacked by Tsuneka — the weaver of time– who seems to hold a grudge against Hikaru. It is now up to Tsubasa with the help of the God of Chaos and Hikaru’s mother to gain the missing pieces of his soul and bring him back to the world of the living. Through this journey, she sees very different sides to the distant professor that she knows, but the most shocking thing is how he knows Shizuka. How will Tsubasa handle meeting the woman that will become her mother one day? Will she be able to save Hikaru in the end, or fall to a similar fate?

First off, I want to say that this is a great route to end the series off with there is good amount of background story to the main character’s powers, Shizuka, and a lot of other things that might have been left of in previous routes. It might be a bit unconventional, but Tsubasa and Hikaru do get to better know each other and see that there is more that whatever they first thought of the other. They are similar in various ways, but certain things needs to be pushed aside in order to for them to talk and actually understand where the other one is coming from, and the whole issues with his soul and time traveling did its part in that. Also, for a long time, it was questionable how Shizuka and Hikaru were connected and the story does a good job in explaining both sides.

Throughout all these routes, Shizuka is a shadow that has been haunting Tsubasa and in this route she –at least a younger version of her– shows who she once was. Tsubasa might not be given all the answers, but she gets a clearer background about Shizuka’s past and the curse, how long Shizuka has suffered, and how hard it might have been for her to actually go through it all. With all the drama and secrets going, Shizuka’s relationship with Hikaru is given a simple explanation and while he might feel differently and it reflects on how he treats Tsubasa early on, it never becomes the biggest issue of their blossoming relationship — and I thank the writers for that!

In terms of supporting characters, the rest of the MDSOA bachelors shine in their own routes timelines and how much they care about Hikaru and Tsubasa in their own ways. However, Shizuka shines when it comes to Tsubasa because through her support and their brief connection, Tsubasa is able to see the kind woman her mother once was and find closure in the issues that have been haunting for her since the beginning of the game. The God of Chaos also adds his funny moments here and there in how he interacts with both Hikaru and Tsubasa.

Mystic Destinies has been such a good series and Hikaru’s route does tie up looses ends while leaving some things opened ended should it ever continue. A the same time, it doesn’t make it the overall “canon” route since it does explain towards the end of the route and overall Hikaru and Tsubasa make a pretty adorable couple! So, if you haven’t tried this route yet, I highly recommend you do and it you have never played MDSOA before I really hope you take the time to — because it has wonderfully writing and a well-developed cast of characters and it has been a wonder going through all their journeys.



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