In The Box!: DanganRonpa V3: Killing Harmony LE.

DanganRonpa V3 is the last game of this series and it thus ends my journey in buying all these LEs, though I haven’t started playing them just yet. To say I was surprised when this LE came out was an understatement because it has a lot of goodies in relation to the game that really impressed me. And thus I reach the end of  NIS America’s accessory journey.

First off, compared to the last 2 LEs, this time I decides to buy the Vita Version of the game, because it was around $20 cheaper for the same amount of goods. The package came around 2 days after the released day and I was surprised in just how well everything was made. Everything came within the backpack, which looks pretty sturdy. All the items came with a rather heavy and thick box. Though, I was happy to see that the collector’s box wasn’t just reusing the box art, which had a nice reversible cover.

The hat looked well-made as well (with a nice design!), though it took me awhile to fit it into my proper head measurements. However, this time the music was really pushed with this LE, as it came with two CDs and a pair of earphones (as my brother calls them, Beats by Monokuma). One of the greatest things about the DanganRonpa series is its music, so it is great that there is so much music from the game! In regards to the earphones, I was a bit skeptical of how they were going to be when I first purchase the LE, but I was wrong once again! They are made of some good material and carry some great sound when they are being used, though I think they have to be handled carefully so that they don’t end up getting used and fall apart too quickly.

The last items to the LE was the backpack and the artbook! The book isn’t that different from the other two from the previous LEs that simply show off the in-game designs of the characters and their profiles. It is nice and small, though it would have been a little nice to have seen the design process of the characters to such a interesting series.  In terms of the backpack, it might look small but it actually seems to carry a lot. I am a little weary of using it since it has a white design and looks as if it might have the same problems as the earphones though.

Personally, I think NIS America kept outdoing themselves with each LE and I think this is all a good way to give a nice sendoff to the series that some many people seem to enjoy and love. Overall, this is a great LE that makes me excited about playing the game, though it might be awhile.

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