Shall We Date: Demon’s Bond – Kazuya (Main Story) Review.

  • Yukina Suzumori is the young chieftain that watches over Princess Yase and for the first time, she finds herself face-to-face with the other members of the Ten Demon Alliance.
  • However, as she gets to know the other chieftains better, she comes to see how they interact with humans which seems to be leading them towards different sides of the current war.
  • As Yukina tries to figure out how to get them all to come back to the village, she finds herself drawn to Kazuya and help him defend a rather strange human – Ieyasu Tokugawa.

★ ☆ ✰ Rating: 8.5/10

Yukina Suzumori is a young Chieftain of the Ten-Demon Alliance and the current bodyguard to Princess Yase. As she was raised by the Demon Elders, she hardly seems to act like a “woman” and is very die hard early on to follow the rules that have been instilled within her — that humans shouldn’t be trusted and that demons should not connect with them. She has a very non-sense personality and very straightforward about her emotions and how she deals with the other members of the Ten-Demon Alliance and because of this, it is also very easy to tease her at times. It might be said that due to her personality, she might come off as gullible to some. Yukina is very stubborn in what she believes in, but that slowly changes over time as she spends time outside Yase Village. In regards to Kazuya, she tries her hardest to show him how important emotions are because he tends to not express his well and tends to ignore those who are important to him in order to move on with a plan. However, because of how she sees things early on, she tends to get into small spats with the other Chieftains, though they tend to ignore her out-of-date thinking.

Nevertheless, she is also very dedicated to the people that she cares about, while forming bonds with people quickly, though she is hit very hard emotionally when something happens to them. However, she goes through a lot of confusion and growing to form her own opinion due to her recent human interactions. Since she hasn’t really thought about falling in love or even marriage, her budding feelings for the chosen bachelor take her by surprise, though she responds earnestly to them and doesn’t seem to doubt them. Yet, this does take her some time to realize, as she simply follows them in the beginning to bring them back to Yase Village.

Kazuya is the Chieftain of the Six Districts of Mutsu (modern day Fukushima, Miyagi, Iwate, Aomori, and certain parts of Akita). Unlike Chitose, Kazuya is quiet and serious, usually trying to have others stay out of his business. However, he is quick to get defensive and goes to extremes in order to protect things that are dear to him, regardless of who might actually worry or want to help him. Like Yukina, he seems to believe in that humans are greedy creature, but changed his mind after meeting and interacting with Ieyasu Tokugawa, something that also begins to happen with Yukina. He finds it very hard to expressive himself and struggles with his emotions when it comes to expressing what he feel about Yukina later on. He highly believes that he has to protect his people and a lot of what he does was because of that and believes in Ieyasu’s dream of forming a peaceful world. It might take him awhile to trust people, but he is completely devoted to them in the long turn and tries his hardest to be a better person for them.

Yukina first ends up meeting all the other chieftains after the Princess’s dream and though they all don’t get off on the right foot, they seem to connect rather quickly. However, there seems to be a disagreement with her declaration that the chieftains should not concern themselves with human affairs and the upcoming war, which seems to be more difficult for those who live outside of the village and interact with humans on a daily basis. Yet, on that same night, the Princess is attacked and falls into a deep sleep with none of the chieftains allowed to leave, as the rest of the country slowly falls into the chaos of the upcoming war. However, after some months of waiting for the Princess to wake up, each chieftain starts getting new information from their respective homes and that they need to return, it is then then that Yukina and the elders find out their hidden ties to the human world. Yukina ends up following Kazuya and learning that he is working with Ieyasu Tokugawa in order to protect his demon clan. Tokugawa has his own set of problems as battle looms with Mitsunari Ishida and there is internal strife with his advisers. However, Yukina slowly begins to rethink everything that has been taught to her as she sees more of the outside world, as she focuses in on looking for the mysterious figure that incapacitated the Princess and help Ieyesu deal with the Sage’s elixir.

To be honest, it took awhile to get into Kazuya’s character because he is so defensive and secretive of his actions early on and it drags on for part of the story. It is understandable that he doesn’t trust Yukina due to her actions and way if thinking, but even after she has helped him there is still a gap between them until he is seriously injured. It has to be drilled into him to take other people’s emotions into consideration, but he deeply cares about Yukina in the ending of the story. It is also intersting to see that both Yukina and Kazuya come to believe in Ieyasu’s word that he will build a peaceful world, this is much more profound in the normal ending where Yukina picks up what Kazuya left behind.

The story does a good job in giving the player a different historical perspective on the Battle of Sekigarahara and why Kazuya believes so strongly in Ieyesu, even though he hasn’t known him for that long, and it echoes strongly throughout the story. Yukina is still shown to have strong relationships, as seen with the demon elders and the Princess; she also tries to get them to better understand Kazuya even if they don’t approve of everything that he does. In the happy ending, Kazuya seems to have learned what he is fighting for and tries make the demon world better in his own way, though while still having Yukina at his side. The normal ending is sadder because even if Kazuya fought to make Ieyasu’s dream come true, he isn’t there to see with Yukina anymore.

It might be a little hard to get through the story at first, but Kazuya has a lot of sweet moments with Yukina once they come to properly understand each other.


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