Irresistible Mistakes – Natsume Asaoka (Main Story) Review.

  • After a night she can’t quite remember, the main character fears that she has slept with her boss.
  • Working on a new account and trying to figure out what exactly happened, she draws the attention of her childhood friend, Natsume Asaoka.
  • As she struggles with her feelings, the main character comes to realize that the “right one” might have been by her side the whole time.

★ ☆ ✰ Rating: 8.5/10

The main character is a young member of Addison & Rhodes’ advertisement division with a strong admiration (that boarders on love in this route) towards the creative director, Shuichiro Tachibana. He is one of the reasons that she entered the type of work she is currently in, but she is very hardworking and always researching when it comes to her work. Once inspiration hits her, it is hard to stop her and she tends to come up with some great ideas. She is a lightweight when it comes to drinking and tends to spill out whatever she is thinking during this time, which causes Natsume to watch over her a lot. She is rather easygoing and excitable about the work at hand, especially when it is going in a positive direction — though the opposite can happen, and the depression can his her hard as well. The main character fights back against Natsume’s good-natured teasing and they seem to have a relationship where they can talk about anything with each other. They also know how the other thinks, though once they both start realizing their true feelings, it places them in the state of confusion and not able to take to each other.

Natsume Asaoka is the main character’s oldest friend and while they didn’t go to the same college, destiny has made sure that they work together in Addison & Rhodes. He is very serious about his job and always seems to have a watchful eye on the main character when she gets carried away, though he slips up early on in this story. Like the main character, he is also very hardworking, but he is much more apathetic to it and never tries to do anything that is something unnecessary — something that changes through the course of the story. He is just as stubborn as the main character, though he tends to tease her and is extremely familiar with her moods, that he is constantly trying to cheer her up in various points. Yet, the problem with Shunichiro leads him to question what is the truth depth of his emotions.

The story starts with the main character wondering with her wondering whether she had a one night stand with her boss, and her anxiety is something that Natsume is quick to pick up on. It is made even more apparent when they start working on the same account, and while the main character learns the truth of what happened she still finds herself falling in love with Shunichiro for a moment. Once she confesses and is rejected, she becomes even closer to Natsume and slowly closes the gap between their time apart in college. However, as she realizes the extent of her feelings, she fears what will happen to their relationship once she confesses, especially when Natsume might not feel the same way.

The story makes both Natsume and the main character both seem kind of dense to their feelings, but it gives a good explanation for that and they were always questioning what they could have. While, the first half with Shunichiro is a little annoying (depending on how the player sees it), it does a good and necessary job in making Natsume finally realize the extent of his emotions, as shown in his POV. It is also enjoyable to see that it draws back to their personal history together, rather than just leaving the player in the dark about it. It is really cute to see that they have so much background together and the story does a good job in showing that as well as letting the player know how important soccer is to their story. There isn’t a big issue to the story, just two people coming together and realizing that they like each other, though Natsume does change how he views certain things due to the main character and her own work ethic. It is a rather easygoing story compared to others.

Personally, I think it is also good to take a look at Natsume’s POV because he is a little hard to read at times, but her genuinely cares about the main character and her situation with Shunichiro, but that is also what allows him to see that he has been looking at his feelings in the wrong way. It is also good to see his subtle development and how he is just as worried as the main character to destroy what they already have just to confess his romance feelings.

For being such a strong group of friends, I was surprised that Yuiko didn’t play a bigger part to the story and was left out of it most of the time. The most important supporting character is Shunichiro because of the role he plays early one and how he sort of supports the main character’s work after that. The theme seems to be that love takes time as shown with Natsume and the years that went by before realizing that they were really in love with each other.

If you like an easygoing storyline and the childhood friend route, consider checking Natsume’s story out!


One response to “Irresistible Mistakes – Natsume Asaoka (Main Story) Review.

  1. Thanks for these reviews! I played the prologue of the game when it first came out but completely forget to keep playing. Will definitely be checking out these routes now ;3


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