The Pirate Mermaid Demo Review.

Ever since your father died searching for the mermaids’ treasure, you’ve sworn to find it yourself. Becoming a pirate was the best way of accomplishing that goal…until your crew dumped you overboard during a huge storm.

Miraculously, you are saved and find a sorcerer who will make you a magical contract – with a catch. He’ll transform you into a mermaid to grab the treasure, if you bring him a red vial from the mermaids. If you fail, you’ll be turned into a lobster.

Now, you have six days before the spell ends. Will you become rich beyond your wildest dreams? Fail the contract and become lobster bisque? Perhaps you’ll fall in love with a mermaid prince or sorcerer…or corrupt them with your evil pirate ways.

Learn more about The Pirate Mermaid: Tumblr | Lemmasoft | Twitter 

The Pirate Mermaid Demo comes out today and I was given the chance to take a sneak peak at it before hand! First off, I have to say that the art and the general aesthetic of the game is pulled off really well with how the GUI reminds the player of a pirate ship but also of the sea! Everything in the story is connected to the sea, so it is good to see be the driving theme as well. All the main and some supporting characters have very distinct looks and it makes the differences between humans and mermaids seems very clear, especially when the Protagonist seems to be switching between them every so often. However, they all various expressions that makes a scene even more comical, as shown when the Sorcerer and the Protagonist start fighting. It is especially nice to see that the player has some choice over how the Protagonist looks likes. The backgrounds are well made and show a lot of detail with the animation adding a whole another level to it, when added to certain scenes, especially when it comes to dealing with the Sorcerer’s magic.

Aside from that, the opening is very catchy and the English Voice Actors did d a good job with their lines, though the one that stood out to me the most was Miki’s. I loved the Japanese voices and they really do a great job in showing all all the hilarious moments within the game, especially the Sorcerer and the Protagonist.

The story begins wit the main character –who the player can name– talking a bit about her background and her desire to find the mermaid’s treasure due to her father. Fast forwards and this young woman is the head of her own pirate ship, though with a disgruntle crew that hasn’t eaten in days and is finding it harder and harder to believe in her story. Once a fearsome storm hits, they end up pushing her overboard and through some miracle she ends on a island with golden sand, just like in her father’s story.  After wonder the island looking for food, she meets a grumpy Sorcerer and even if they don’t really agree on a lot things, they end up making a pact in order to find the mermaid’s treasure. The main character has 6 days to find a way to get and in the course of trying t find a way to get it, she ends up befriending the shy and awkward Prince Mikali and the dangerous Malik. Depending on the choices made, the Protagonist could end of falling for one of these three, but also end up the heroine or a villain.

The story does a good job in world-building and given the Protagonist a good reason as to why she is searching so hard for this treasure. The Protagonist is very proactive in what she wants to do, and she is almost willing to do anything to achieve her means. She is funny and charming, but she also seems to an insecurity in regards to the gold and her father, as shown in Mikali’s route. She tends to get nostalgic while thinking of her past and it will be intersting to see how this all changes as she falls in love and/or turns evil.

In regards to the bachelors, my personal favorite was the Sorcerer who starts off of the wrong foot with the Protagonist, though their common goal makes him tolerate her. However, there are signs of his kindness shown here and there, though he seems to be hiding a lot of things in regards to his persona. Prince Mikali might seem to have a dangerous reputation when first mentioned by the Sorcerer, but he seems like a “goody-goody” that is highly curious about humans, though he seems to switch from being regal to awkward/shy in regards to talking to the main character. Lastly, it the mysterious mermaid named Malik who likes teasing the main character, but also seems to a enigma with many connections and being able to use magic. His interactions with the Protagonist are intersting, though they always end up fighting so it will be great to see how their dynamics change and if it depends on certain karma choices.

This game has a lot of choices and there seems to be a robust ability to change the Protagonist in whatever way the player wishes to do so. In terms of writing, there are a lot of funny conversations, but the game does a good job from moving form serious to more comedic moments. It will be nice to see if they can keep this up as the story moves forward in the full game.

The game has a lot of goodies that the player can enjoy, so if you interested consider checking out the demo and look out for the full game!




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