How to Fool a Liar King Demo Review.

Regina, our heroine, magically appears in Eroolia. She has no idea how she ended up in Eroolia, and here, she meets Juli and his companions, whom she ends up joining on their journey to Laarz, a country of cat people.

Will she be able to return home?

Is Regina’s presence in Eroolia an accident or is there a purpose behind it?
Can she trust Juli who seems to be full of secrets?

Ah, I was extremely happy to see that the next installment of this series was going to center around Juli! It has surely taken awhile, but the demo to the newest HTTOYM was released recently and though it took awhile due to fighting with my anti-virus in order to get it to play it, I was finally able to this past weekend. To start off, How to Fool a Liar King (HTFALK) takes after its predecessor in terms of assets and GUI, though the color scheme is a little darker and music seems to be involved this time around, especially around the leader of Laarz which I am excited to hear later on. The characters designs haven’t changed that much, but Regina has a very intersting one that shows that she really loves cats  and it will be nice to see what other surprises her outfit has in terms of showing off her strength, as shown with how she meets Juli and his companions.

The story starts off with Juli, Mars, and Ronan encountering a strange girl in the forest, as Juli tries to comfort her she ends up punching him. On the other hand, Regina has gone through a mysterious door and has landed in an unfamiliar place that doesn’t look like her homeland, but she doesn’t seem that worry since she was been planning on running away in the first place, so in a way she gets her adventure. Though, they have a bad start, Regina starts traveling with the other 3 to Laarz, but she a bit weary of talking about her background around Juli, thus leading to her having a rather cold attitude around him. At the same time, the ruler of the country of Laarz has received news that humans are nearing their borders and while she is annoyed by this, something else seems to be occupying her mind as she looks for the only person that might possibly save her country.

While playing HTTOYM, Juli was one of the first characters to grab my attention due to his secretive personality and his ability to smile through anything. We learn a lot of things about him during the 1st game and in HTFALK we are potentially seeing new sides to Juli — those of a king and being in love. As noted by Mars, Juli seems to be charmed by Regina as first glance, but he also seems suspicious of her homeland, which puts to play his duality as king. It will be intersting to see how these two sides come into play as Juli begins to actually fall for Regina, and if he will have to make some tough choices due to this during the game.

Since the last game, it has been shown that Juli can be a tease and his attitude doesn’t go well with all the women that he knows, as shown with Leea, though he has been regarded as a womanizer by Mars. Thus, once has to ask themselves what kind of lady could put up with his attitude and the answer seems to be Regina! She seems to be the cute type, but she isn’t from keeping her thoughts a secret and reacts rather violently (and keeps being hostile) towards Juli as they travel together. Due to her energetic nature, she seems to keep everyone around her on their toes, though she is shown to also be impulsive due to the sudden idea of running away from home for whatever reason. Since she is so suspicious of Juli, I am looking forward to seeing what interactions change her perspective of him and how they both influence each other in the long.

The sense of mysteries continues from the last game, but with even more as new characters are introduced but it doesn’t seem to stray from its lighthearted, comedic tone. If you like the original game or are looking for something new to play, consider checking it out on Steam or Roseverte’s website.


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