Signed and Sealed with a Kiss Demo Review.

You get an unexpected package delivery one day. When you open it, there’s a man inside – but luckily, he comes with instructions! You have your own impressionable boyfriend. It’s your duty to shape him into a proper person… since he’s actually a “doll” with no past exposure to people.

However, this delivery wasn’t meant for you. Will you fall in love with the person he turns out to be? Will you be able to keep him by your side?

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So, sort of following the the light of mobage games, SSWAK allows the player to create their own dream guy through their actions and choices. First off, the art is very cute and the CGs shown do a really good job in showing the “doll” in all his glory. It is also good to see such well-done backgrounds and the GUI looks polished and keeps the white-blue theme going. The “doll” does has some voice acting, but I really couldn’t enjoy it since the volume was so low.

The story starts off with the main character getting a strange mailbox as she running late for work. She opens it and finds out that there is a sleeping naked man who quickly wakes up but she can’t really do anything about the situation, since she is already late! After a not so great day, she sets up some groundwork with the “doll” that he will make his own decisions, not fall in love with her, and get a job. He seems all right with that, as he starts learning new things, though the main character does feel that her home is less lonely than before — so where will this all lead them?

This game gives the character a lot of choices in what they can do and what this doll, which they can also name, is going to be working as and some of their choices. This will eventually lead to a different variety of the “doll”, so the story can change depending on the choices made. There are some mysteries as to how this all happened and what will happen in between, so it will be intersting to see how the “doll” handles the aspects of living and love and how the main character gets used to living with someone else. At the same time, it seems to have a lot of hilarious moments that will make it enjoyable when the serious scenes are done with.

There is a lot of opened possibilities with this game, so it seems like a wild ride to play when it comes out. If you like games like Dream Boyfriend, but with some intersting depth consider checking this game out, along with its pre-sale bundle!


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