Love Letter from Thief X – Hyosuke Kujo (Main Story) Review.

  • After establishing herself within the Black Foxes, the main character catches the attention of the new security consultant – Hyosuke Kujo.
  • When trouble arises for the Black Foxes, the main character finds herself turning to him for help, but Hyosuke seems to have his own set of secrets.
  • Yet, even in the face of danger, new feelings might not be able stop themselves from forming between Hyosuke and the main character.

★ ☆ ✰ Rating: 8/10

The main character is a hardworking museum curator who just happens to also be part of the Black Foxes. By the time that this route begins, she has already established herself within the group and tries her hardest to help, while everyone seems to look at her like a little sister. She seems to enjoy her job and believes that the Black Foxes are doing right by returning the artworks they steal back to their rightful owners, her love and dedication to museums and art seems to stem from the time she spent with her grandfather –the Di Vinci of Japan– as a child. Outside of this, she seems to care deeply about her friends and always seems to worry about Hyosuke, even if she doesn’t take well to his teasing. She tends to fight back against his teasing and eventually speak her mind towards his attitude when it comes to getting closer other people. Overall, the main character is a caring and optimistic person.

Hyosuke Kujo is a new part time security specialist that is working in the same museum as the main character. From the beginning, he seems to like teasing the main character and doing things that make her blush. However, he is shown to be doing his work extremely well and he is also really smart as shown with his time with the main character. He is also shown to be really persistent since he always seems to be flirting with the main character and asking if they can go on date, but he also seems to genuinely care about her. Yet, as him and the Balck Foxes cross paths, he is shown to be hiding some of his own secrets in order to search for his missing parents. As the main character comes to learn more about him on a personal level, she comes to see a rather lonely young man that is afraid to lose the people he cares deeply about, as he has done once before.

As stated before, Hyosuke comes new to tighten and improve the security of the museum the main character works in and from the moment they meet Hyosuke seems to always be where she is. At the same time, the Black Foxes are looking into some stolen artworks that are connected to the Prime Minister, from that point they realize that there is a large treasure connected to the Kujo family. This seems to be Hyosuke’s personal journey of looking into what happened to his parents. As they cross paths, will they be able to help each other in these two mysteries or will their developing feelings fade into the night?

To be honest, I forgot how long Voltage routes used to be, but it was good to see Hyosuke and the main character go out on dates and develop a relationship, especially as she comes to see that he is a really lonely person. The story and their connection to each other is also given a good explanation, though what is going on can get a little confusing to follow in the middle of the story. Hyosuke’s sudden change of attitude towards the end is also a little confusing, especially since he was always so persistent in the rest of the story, though his explanation does make it a bit easier to handle and his love does win over in the end.

There is a lot of cast interaction between the main character and the Black Foxes and it is shown that they sort of look at her like a little sister that needs to be protected. At the same time, they all seem to welcome Hyosuke to their group and welcome him, though he does seem to have a small rivalry with Takuto which leads to some hilarious interactions! The theme seems to be centered around allowing yourself to be hurt and letting other people in. Hyosuke’s life become so much richer after he meets the main character and the Black Foxes, while finally getting the answers to what happened to his parents.

I really like this route! Hyosuke had a completely different personality than what I thought he would and it felt like an adventure with friends! I look forward to playing the other routes I have for LLFTX, but this route did a good job in welcoming me back, so consider checking it out!


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