Cafe Ma Cherie Review.

Work at Ikemen Cafe!

Cafe ma cherie, where you can work with ikemens

The protagonist who ended up working here after an encounter is actually…a girl?!

Fired immediately if exposed! The heart-pounding romance is about to begin–

★ ☆ ✰ Rating: 6.5/10

First off, the art of this game is really nice and it shows through both the CGs and the sprites of the characters. The backgrounds are also done very well, but like the CGs they are in limited number and it is hard to appreciate them when you are playing through the game or just because they are easily forgotten sometimes. All the characters have a really nice design to them that show off how they work within the cafe, but they also have some nice clothing choices outside of work as well! The main character’s look is also a plus because she has a very androgynous look to her and it plays well with the game’s scenario.

To start off with, the main character –Asahina, name can be changed– ends up losing all their jobs in the span of a day due to various problems, thus she starts desperately looking for a new job in order to support herself and her younger sister. She ends up meeting two guys –Leo and Souta– that mistake her for a guy and tell her that their cafe is looking for more hosts. Without much of choice, she ends up applying and tries her hardest to keep her secret, while trying to get along with her new co-workers. Depending on the route chosen, Asahina has to deal with hiding the truth, her co-worker’s personal problems, and trying not to fall in love in the process.

Within Leo’s route, he is the kind baker that seems to have an immediate attraction to Asahina, though his flirtations seems too much for her at times. As she gets to know him, she realizes that there is a lot that Leo deals with when it comes to his family. This route goes really fast and the ending even drives that home, but Leo is very passionate it just depends on how much Asahina (and the player) and willing to take. With Souta’s route, it is more about him finding out the truth of Asahina’s gender and dealing with his personal feelings which can become very emotional for Asahina since she falls for him after a certain point. Souta is a pretty boy idiot that cares deeply about his friends, but isn’t really aware about the atmosphere around him. However, they have a lot of cute moments, though a lot of misunderstandings as well. Ryu’s route is less about Asahina’s gender and more about Ryu’s romance and family problems. He is quick to notice that she is a woman and through a trade makes her his  “assistant” to his beck-and-call, though his flirtations tend to confuse Asahina especially when there is another woman in the picture. Yet, all 3 of these routes share the same problem that the main conflict isn’t introduced until the middle of the story and it cleaned up rather quickly for the sake of the short (10 chapters in total) route.

Like most mobage, the game is ticket-based and it gives the player 5 tickets to play the story each day, but it is also generous with giving out tickets. The player can watch videos and use their social media to get even more tickets, for a potential of 9 tickets being used during the day. There is a time lag between the extra tickets of around 12 minutes, but that is more generous than other mobage that I have played. However, the game also has some serious problems. Personally, it would freeze on me when it was showing a commercial. However, even with how helpful the ticket system could, I just found myself losing interest in the game at times, so it took me awhile to finish all the routes. The game also had a tendency of forgetting the name the player inputs, so aside from sometimes stiff translations, the player as to dean with <Your Name> within the text.

This game has a lot of good things about it and it is a great way to kill some time, but the stories are weak and it does have glitches here and there that tend to remove the player from the story. With that said, if you like cute art and misunderstandings, consider checking it out!


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