The Last December Demo Review.

The Last December is about an 18 year old girl with lung problems, who found out she doesn’t have much time left to live. Tired of the treatments and medicines that didn’t help save her despite having spent a large part of her life staying in the hospital, she decides to escape the hospital to fulfill her bucket list with the help of a boy who broke his arm in a recent car crash and  a mysterious new guy, who is unwilling to reveal much about himself to the other two. Together, they will help the girl fulfill her dying wishes, which includes some things like riding a motorbike, watching the sunrise, having her first kiss and visiting the amazing town of Cornucopia. 

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While, there are some asset missing from the game, the protagonist has a really cute design and the doctor does as well, while showing off that he is still nervous and hesitant within his new job. The backgrounds are incomplete at the current moment, but the GUI seems nice and on its way of implementing the sort of feeling shown by the central image of the game.

The story starts of with the player being introduced to December, a young lady who has recently celebrated her 18th birthday, though she has a disease that has kept in the hospital for quite some time. The new doctor -Dr. Skylar– interacts with her for a moment, and while he seems nervous she doesn’t seemed fazed at all. By accident, she ends up finding out that she only has a month left to live, which causes to question what she really wants to do with the little time she has left.

Going by the summary and the little that is shown in the demo, this seems like it will be an emotionally heavy story, but also have a strong group of central characters that care about December in their own way. It will be interesting to see how she grows, especially since she seems so downhearted during the demo, and it will be nice to see how she gains the courage to do everything on her bucket list. December seems determined to have a great adventure at the end of her life, so it will be great to see if everything she wants to do happens before her time is up or if she will end up having regrets compared to if she was still locked away in her white hospital room.

It might have been a small preview, but I look forward to seeing the rest of development and characters in relation to this game. So, consider checking it out!


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