Star Crossed Myth – Leon (Main Story) Review.

  • After meeting all the gods who need their sins to be cleansed, the main character is ends of choosing to help Leon, though his attitude makes her regret that rather quickly.
  • Leon doesn’t have a high opinion of humans or the main character, so he has her following all of his orders, though there seems to be a slow change in his demeanor during their time together.
  • Can someone who doesn’t believe in love start feeling such an emotion? And what will happen to them, once the rest of the Gods find out?

★ ☆ ✰ Rating: 6/10

The main character is someone who loves the stars and her work in the planetarium shows that, something that is also shown through some of her interactions with Leon. However, due to being the reincarnation of a goddess, she finds herself in a strange new world full of gods that want her to cleanse them of their sins, the most demanding for her help being Leon. From the moment that she meets Leon, she is scared of him but she also has a tendency to fight with him whenever he says something that bothers her. She is a strong believer in love and even if she doesn’t fully understand it, she fights Leon a lot on what it really means. After a certain point, she finds it easier to understand Leon and what he actually means behind his “cruel” words. However, when it comes time to separate, the main character becomes quite desperate and seems to lose all agency towards living if she cannot do so with Leon.

From the beginning, Leon is shown to be a god with a huge ego that looks down upon humans and their emotions, especially when it comes to love. Though sometimes, his attitude just seems childish as he reacts to certain things that the main character says. He doesn’t seem to put much trust in others and is always doing things his way, which tends to usually be connected to “pleasure” and puts the main character in some awkward situations. He is also very bossy and treats her like a handmaiden for most of the route, but that slowly changes as he is forced to do things her way and as she explains what she believe love is truly about. Yet, he seems to have strong emotions towards what he is feeling, whether disdain or towards the end of the story, love.

After being saved by Leon, it all goes down hill as the god tells her what to do and puts her in some very strange situations to see if his mark can be erased faster. The main character comes to realize that Leon is distrustful of humans and how they feel emotions because of what happened in the past, though she tries her hardest to show him that it isn’t quite like he believes it to be. Slowly, Leon starts losing his mark and though she might not understand why, and though it soon comes time for them to part it isn’t easy.

I cannot stress enough that there might be certain actions that are taken by Leon early on in the game that might make some players uncomfortable or even triggered. I also wish that there was a better explanation as to why Leon acts the way he does. Yes, the past that the gods and humans shared caused him a lot of trust issues, but it just doesn’t seems justifiable enough as to why he treats the main character so badly during the first half of the story. It is also kind of hard to understand the character development that he goes through in order to fall in love with the main character. Yes, they do get closer but does sudden transformation doesn’t make enough sense to make it seem like “romantic love”. It might have been explained in his POV, but it should also be seen in the main story but it just feels really rushed there. At the same time, the main character becomes really desperate and inconsolable when she can no longer be with Leon, which seems like the complete opposite of her personality in the start of the story and is just sort of depressing to see.

There doesn’t really seem to be a strong supporting character, though Karno is there to try to help calm down Leon and explain a bit of the situation to the main character. The theme of the story seems to be that people shouldn’t judge each other so quickly, as shown with both the main character and Leon as to how they think about each other.

Leon’s route was kind of hard to go through at times, but if you like those type of guys consider checking him out!


2 responses to “Star Crossed Myth – Leon (Main Story) Review.

  1. I agree with you on Leon’s route, I did not like how he treated the heroine during the first half. Someone told me that Scorpio is better in that regard, I don’t remember much about his route but I might give SCM a replay.


    • I agree with you! If I remember correctly, Scorpio treats her badly in the beginning but that quickly changes and I think Scorpio has a more solid reason why. Also, Scorpio isn’t that extreme with the MC as Leon is. But, you should check it out if you want to! ❤ Thank you for reading.


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