Our Bedroom Story: Minato Okouchi (Main Story) Review.

  • Everything seems to be going well for the main character as she is getting a new job and living in a new home, though something is part of those two — her new co-worker, Minato Okouchi!
  • Minato and the main character have to work together on love-related article, though there are issues along the way.
  • They pretend to be a couple to understand “love” a bit more, but how hard is it not to really fall in love along the way?

★ ☆ ✰ Rating: 7.5/10

The main character is a hard-worker than can pick up things rather quickly when taught well, as shown in some scenes. She can become very focused on her work to the point that she ignores everyone else, but she also cares about the people she writes about. She has a sweet deposition and is concerned about the people she cares about, such as Minato. She also likes moving forward with her own ideas and help people in the different ways that she can. This makes her seem like a “busybody” and she isn’t very good at talking about her true intentions since she tends to freeze up, which causes some trouble for her when confronted with what she has been doing. The main character also has a very active imagination and tends to jump to conclusions without knowing the facts, which causes her pain about things she doesn’t fully know. Due to the way Minato acts with her, she finds it hard to act a certain way with him and is always second guessing herself. She might be easy to tease, but she fights back with Minato when she feels like it. Overall, she is good at her job and tries to move forward with it, regardless of her own issues, which makes her a bit of a workaholic.

Minato Okouchi is the main star of Seasonelle, he is hardworking and is known to be a genius at his work. It seems that he is willing to do anything for an article as he is shown to take the “fake dating” advice in order improve his article. He enjoys teasing the main character, but can move just as quickly to start ignoring her. He isn’t good at doing any housework, but seems to be a quick learner when the main character starts teaching him. While, Minato is confident, he actually has trouble making friends (with his closest friend being Shusei) and holding a long relationship especially after the last disaster, to the point that he doesn’t think that he can properly love anyone. He seems to be confused about his personal feelings, which cause some problems when he questions whether he is really in love or not.

The main character is moving into her new home and starting a new job in Seasonelle and both of things have one thing in common — interacting with Minato Okouchi. As she tries to get used to everything, Akiyoshi suddenly tells them to “fake date” for an article which they are having trouble with, something that Minato agrees to. Personal and professional lines begin to blur as Minato and her get closer, but she isn’t sure how to feel when Minato declares that he “can’t love”. Mixed signals make her distant herself from Minato, but as their other story gains traction, just what exactly is going to happen between them?

First off, I am surprised that Minato has a different personality than I thought that he would. He puts up the air of being the “alpha male”, but while he does tease her it seems that he is very caring and sweet towards her. However, there are times where he is hard to read, so it might be important to read his POV to have a better understanding of his emotional development. This story seems more personal since it deals with Minato’s personal feelings and how he feels about the main character rather than other routes where the story connects to the bachelor. However, I do think that the faking dating thing was a bit weak and didn’t really add to their already growing feelings that came from them living together. Also, there is a lot of explaining that Minato cannot love compared to their article’s subject, but that isn’t really what is shown about him when he is interacting with the main character, which makes it a little confusing.

The cast that seems central is Shusei who gives a lot of Minato’s background to the main character in for her to better understand his emotions and why he acts a certain way. Akiyoshi is also important part since he is the one that pushes that fake dating idea onto both of them and is there to give the main character a few choice words when she needs them. The theme seems to be that love takes time and the right person, Minato has been through a lot and seems to doubt himself in the love department, but that slowly changes as he comes to connect with the main character more.

Minato wasn’t exactly what I thought he was going to be, though he doesn’t have the strongest story within OTBS. They have their sweet moments, but all the confusion might annoy some people. However, he does care about main character and that does shine through in the end, so if you have the time consider checking his route out!


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