Irresistible Mistakes – Toma Kiriya (Main Story) Review.

  • After a night she can’t quite remember, the main character realizes that she slept with the “Genius Copywriter” of her company – Toma Kiriya.
  • Soon afterwards, she finds herself working with Kijima on one of Atticus & Rhodes’s newest commercials and finds all the rumors surrounding him seem to be wrong.
  • However, as she finds herself falling love with him, Toma suddenly states that he doesn’t believe in love!

★ ☆ ✰ Rating: 9/10

The main character is a young member of Addison & Rhodes’ advertisement division with a strong admiration towards the creative director, Shuichiro Tachibana. He is one of the reasons that she entered the type of work she is currently in, but she is very hardworking and always researching when it comes to her work. Once inspiration hits her, it is hard to stop her and she tends to come up with some great ideas. She is a lightweight when it comes to drinking and tends to spill out whatever she is thinking during this time, as shown within Toma’s POV. She is rather easygoing and excitable about the work at hand, especially when it is going in a positive direction. The main character constantly fights back against Toma’s teasing, but there are times where he does hit a nerve and while she can becomes emotional, but she tries her hardest to smile and move forward with the work at hand. However, she also finds herself constantly worrying about Toma and what people think of him that she finds herself defending him during a lot of scenes. Toma always seems to be saying something negative towards her and while she tends to ignore it, his words seems to start hurting her when Toma declares that he wouldn’t fall in love with a “one night stand” while the main character already has. However, she doesn’t seem to understand that Toma is more complex with his wording than he initially means.

Toma Kiriya is one of the upcoming Copy Writers in Addison & Rhodes that seems to have the same admiration towards Shuichiro Tachibana as the main character. Most people consider him a genius, but he is actually shown to be very hardworking and always thinking about his next tagline. However, he has a tendency of being sort of absentminded when the main character first meets him after their one night stand, but this is shown to be more of a general disregard towards people and working with them. Toma is a loner that doesn’t like handling people, working with them, or the potential emotions that comes with developing relationships. This is due to his past and it has lead him to having a crass attitude with people, though it turns into being more of a tease with the main character as they get to know each other better. He is also shown to have a strong sweet tooth and has to wear glasses, even if he doesn’t want to. Truth be told, he is actually very afraid of falling in love again and having a similar incident happen to him once more, so he tries his hardest to push the main character away though he is aware of how much he is hurting her and that he really does love her by the end of the route. However, it takes a lot of struggling on his part to accept all this.

The story starts with the main character realizing that Toma doesn’t remember their one night stand and while she doesn’t either very much, he decides it is better to ignore the whole incident. However, that is easier said than done, once they are put on the same team to work on a new commercial. While it is annoying to work with Toma at first, the main character comes to see different sides to his usually tactless personality, though there is still some tension between them. It also doesn’t help the situation that someone that clearly dislikes Toma seems to by vying for the main character’s affection as well. Yet, as the main character comes to realize that she has fallen for Toma, what can she do when Toma has openly expressed he wouldn’t fall in love with a one night stand?

The 3rd person isn’t a big deal, but it causes Toma and the main character a lot of grief because how emotionally complex it gets for Toma since it reminds him of his time at college and what happened to him. Toma thinks it is better not to interact with people as a safety mechanism, but the main character seems to slowly destroy all those barriers though that doesn’t stop him from being afraid and weary of his potential emotions. Toma says a lot of mean things to the main character, but as a means to protect himself (and her) though he is aware how much pain he is actually causing her. He thinks that the best way of protecting her from all the problems within the story is by pushing her away, but it doesn’t get any easier when they are both already deeply in love. It would best to read Toma’s POV because it does explain a lot of what he is going through since he is rather contradictory when it comes to voicing his emotions.

The strongest supporting character is Taku, especially towards the end of the story, since he explains what might be going through Toma’s head and why he has been taking certain actions, which does a good job at explaining some of the confusing aspects of the story. The theme of the story seems to be centered around not being afraid because of Toma’s fear of being emotionally vulnerable with someone and the main character being afraid that her feelings will be rejected, when everything turns out okay in the end!

Toma has a really great story and is a wonderfully complex character, so consider checking his route out!


One response to “Irresistible Mistakes – Toma Kiriya (Main Story) Review.

  1. God, you’d think all the ratings, reviews, and recommendations would make me like the guy but he seriously rubs me off the wrong way. I feel like I’m missing something but all I want is to refund.


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