In the Box!: Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls Limited Edition.

I continue traversing into the DanganRonpa game series by buying the latest release for the PS4. Though I don’t know a lot about the series asides from what I watched during the initial anime, it quickly caught my attention that the two main characters of this game were teenaged girls! Excited, I decided to buy the LE and continue NIS America’s accessory journey.

First off, the collector’s box art look really nice! It shows off all the main characters nicely, while showing off the darker side of this DanganRonpa game in the dark colors, but there are pops of colors here and there through the character designs. It’s rather big box but it holds everything well! It is also good too see that the LE box doesn’t have the same design as the PS4 box, but rather its own design compared to the first DanganRonpa PS4 LE.

The art book and soundtrack covers continue to show off the various characters and the OST does a great job in showing all the bears that are part of the story. The art book in this LE is similar to previous one, in that it only shows a little bit of the characters’ information as a tease to what might be learned in-game. Everything has a sturdy cover and shows off the game well before the buyer even starts playing it! However, there are other things that make this LE interesting.


The second part of the LE is the accessories that come with it. The theme of the accessories seems to be Kurokuma since it has both his tie and eye-patch, along with a pin from the Warriors of Hope. This continues the trend from the previous LE and while might it seem a bit strange to some, it does make good accessories if someone plans to cosplay as Kurokuma or just has a sudden need for an eye-patch when Halloween comes around! It makes the characters seem a bit more realistic and it is good to see things from the game be nice reminders of it. Aside from that, the tie is smooth and well-made and and the pins are solid!


The choices of accessories might be a little odd, but so is DanganRonpa as a whole. Overall, this is a good LE that makes me excited about playing the game, though it might be awhile.


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