The Masquerade Killer Demo Review.

The Masquerade Killer is a mystery, regency otome game, set in the Victorian era. Join Elvira on her mission to solve a murder while attempting to blend into the upper-class society of London! Whether Elvira succeeds in her task or in her pursuit of love will depend on you.

Learn more about The Masquerade Killer: Prefudia | Twitter | Tumblr | Itchio | Website 

Ebullience Games is working on their newest game and I was excited to play the new demo. There is murder and intrigue in every corner, one possible wrong step could be the end of Elvira, just like the young woman she is pretending to be. The designs of all the characters look nice, though I find myself leaning more towards Seth and August. All the clothing, especially Elvira’s are beautiful drawn, and the soft coloring really brings out the time period and seems to be hiding what is really going on within London’s upper class. However, that isn’t the best part of the game!

Elvira and her current partner Seth are being debriefed about her current case, a murder investigation, by the late lady’ father. He seems to be suspicious of her fiancee, Lord Wensborough but nothing can be set in stone just yet, though they tell him about what they are doing in order to win his trust and give Elvira’s disguise some truth, though the Lord doesn’t seem to happy about it. However, Elvira and Seth cannot mess this up, as told by their Boss, though there seems to be something strange with her connection to the orphanage’s headmistress. At the same time, Elvira seems to have caught the attention of the eccentric August who won’t seem to leave her alone during society events. Yet, how will Elvira be able to portray a young woman that seems to be the exact opposite of her in terms of personality, and will she make it out alive?

From the beginning, Elvira is shown to be a rather cold person that only seems dedicated to her mission and doesn’t really care for Seth’s positive attitude. She seems to be struggling with her current line of work and while she is suspicious of everyone, a lot of people seems suspicious or intrigued by her in some way. Some of her personal background is shown as she seems to not remember her time in the orphanage, though it doesn’t seem to bother her. At the same time, she isn’t above threatening people that could give her away, as shown during the last part of demo. As she gets deeper in this world and what has been hiding away, it will be interesting to see how she changes over the course of the game.

It will be more exciting to see how her personality develops in regards to the partner chosen for her. Not much is shown of Charlotte, but she seems to have some connection to Elvira’s past. On the other hand, both August and Seth seem to have easygoing personalities, though they both are serious (in different forms) when the need arises. Lastly, Julius seems to dislike Elvira, though it might be due to what he might be hiding in regards to his fiancee’s death. It will be nice to see how these personalities and relationships change as the game moves forward as well.

If you like the Victorian time period, mystery, and a little romance consider checking out the demo!


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