This, My Soul Review.

When your ship and fellow crew members are destroyed during a routine mission by space debris, you are rescued by the one laborer-class android who happened to be nearby… Now the two of you must spend an entire three-month journey alone with each other aboard the small, maintenance ship that is taking you back to civilization.

Along the way, there is little on board to keep you occupied… save the android. He calls himself Silas. As the situation forces you to get to know one another, you quickly figure out that while he may not have emotions the way we understand them, he IS a construct designed to learn, adapt, and serve.

★ ☆ ✰ Rating: 7.5/10

I finally got time to play and review Agashi’s Nanoreno 2017 entry and I wasn’t disappointed! First off, I have to say that the GUI and general blue/metallic aesthetic of the game is really well done and does a good job in setting up the main location of the game. However, the font was a little hard to read at times since it was so small and sometimes faded with the background. The backgrounds were well done, through there wasn’t a lot of variety, which made since Kyndle was limited to where she could go on the ship. There isn’t a lot of movement but both characters are shown to be expressive when it calls for it, though more Kyndle than Silas. Yet, the CGs are done really well and are very emotional during certain endings.

Kyndle ends up being the sole survivor of the SS Spirit as they are making their way to a new world, as she soon finds out that she was saved by LAS-51. As this android tries to get her pod fixed so that she can go back to sleep for the remainder of the trip, he is always there to help her recover her mobility while she is still awake. Depending on her interactions with Silas, Kyndle can form a friendship, romance, or even just be distrustful of him. By the end, Kyndle and Silas seem to have connected somewhat during their time together, but whether they will see each other depend completely on Silas and on his POV about his own capacities.

Like Queen’s Crown, the player gets a lot of choices when it comes to Kyndle and her process in regards to Silas and her current situation. Each choice has a good set of reasoning behind and it is understandable that Kyndle might be a weary of Silas. The friendship and romance seems to more connected to Kyndle’s emotions and their interactions are really cute due to Silas’s reactions, though he does change while going through the story.

There is also a lot of background given to Silas and what “might be wrong with him”, but it would have been nice to have gotten more background on Kyndle, though it is understandable due to the time constricts and making Kyndle the player’s their “own character”. The endings leave a lot of openness regardless of the connections made between the two and what actually will happen to them in the future.

It might be short, but there is a lot of detail in both the art, story, and in Silas’s character. It’s a whirlwind, but sometimes romance is like that, so if you like quick stories about space and romance, check it out!


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