In Regards to, Some Favorite Otome/Dating Sim Romance Interests.

Hello! This post was originally for #DatingSimonth as a Community Game-Along that is currently being supported by Chic Pixel, but some stuff happened so consider a really late Valentine’s gift? Maybe even a belated White’s Day treat? Even a Summer treat? While, it was a hard list to create and write-up, these are some of my favorite characters in terms of both personalities and romantic journey. My knowledge might still be limited, but I hope that you find something to enjoy while looking over this list and please remember that this is just my personal opinion. Please also note that this was written earlier in the year, so things might have changed since playing through all the games from 2017 — maybe, I’ll update it one day.


10. Trash (Aloners)


Trash is someone that has been constructed by his environment — a post-apocalyptic world where he seems to be the only human left. He might be a bit hard around the edges, but he really comes to care about the main character, as either a friend or a love interest. They form a strong connection that goes through a lot of issues, but he also teaches them how to survive, while they bring him back the hope he had forgotten. At the same time, while he might make a lot of unreasonable mistakes, he seems to have a good reason and he really tries to make up for the wrongs that he has committed and set things right with the main character.


9. Ryuusei Mitarashi (Sweet Fuse: At Your Side)

RyuuseiMitarashi is just a big teddy bear and it is great that he not only how he worries about Saki, but about Wakase as well! While, he does needs some help at first, he does a goof job in supporting Saki and visa-versa. After finding out his background story, it is really surprising how he can keep smiling and have a positive attitude towards life. Mitarashi might be a little rash and rough around the edges, as shown with his interactions with Subaru, but he does it with the best of intentions in mind though he might get to embarrassed to voice them out. He also has a very interesting job!




8. Jumin Han (Mystic Messenger)


Jumin is a very interesting character because of how he starts interacting (very logical and almost emotionless) with the main character and how he comes to fall in love with them through the process of the route. He might have a hard time dealing with his emotions, but he has some great character development, in both good and bad ways depending on the choices made. He might also have a strange way of expressing his emotions, but he does show that he cares about Elizabeth 3rd, the main character, and the rest of the RFA in his own way — though it might seem a bit hilarious because of the way that he tries to do so. It also is an added plus that he has a lot of money too!

7. Chikage Kazama (Hakuoki: Memories of the Shinsengumi)


Chikage is a great character because he changes a lot depending on the route chosen within the game. He can be a real villain such as in Hijikata’s or a reluctant ally as he is shown in Heisuke’s route. He is arrogant because of his background and who he is, but there is also a deeper side to his personality. This is shown well in the short route he lets Chizuru grieve her loss on her own terms, but he is also there to support her, even when she wants to go all the way to Hokkaido to find the remaining members of the Shinsengumi. He shows that he cares in his own way, but he doesn’t coddle nor those he try to force his opinion of humans on her, though he does warn her from time to time. A lot of different sides to his personality are shown and there is great potential for their relationship top grow and develop.

After playing through Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds, I was really to see more of his personality shine when interacting with Chizuru but the other demons as well, he has his own personal motivations within the story and it will be good to see how he helps Chizuru stop her family, but also the connect even if they have different points-of-view on certain things.

6. Souji Okita (Hakuoki: Memories of the Shinsengumi)

Okita_portrait (1)

From the beginning, Okita seems to capture whatever scene he is in whether through making fun of Hijikata, teasing Chizuru, or threatening someone with a swift death. It might take a long time to develop, since he doesn’t trust Chizuru at first, he really comes to love and becomes completed devoted to her. He wants her to be happy, so he helps try to find her family and he also has some of the saddest endings because of that devotion. At the same time, he also shows how the Shinsengumi is one big family through his connection with Hijikata and Kondou. It might become painful through some of his route, but there is a lot of strength in how he moves forward and tries to help Chizuru with her family problems and even if he didn’t seek if out at first, he gains something valuable in the end — peace.

5. The Count (Halloween Otome)


It should first be said that he is a real sweetheart! He always has something hilarious or that in some way supports Miss. Archer. He is shown to have a lot a patience, as shown with his friendship with Mr. Mummy, but he is also a dreamer and romantic of sorts as he wants a similar loving relationship that he saw his parents when he was younger. that is shown in how once he falls for Ms. Archer, he worries constantly about keeping her safe since she is a non-celebrity and wants to keep their relationship on the low-key since he has so many tabloids watching him. While, he does seem a bit odd with all the crazy stunts (and strange fashion sense) he pulls during the Halloween event, he does care about everyone close to him and he tries his hardest for their happiness.

4. Gardis ( The Second Reproduction)

27807While, Gardis might seem like the bad guy at first, he does seem to form a caring and devoted relationship with Christine as they learn more about each other, even if they have a rocky and dangerous start at first. He cares a lot about her and they seem really lovey-dovey once they have been married for awhile and he seems to easily fall into the role of father as well. He also cares deeply about his country and is very proud of his personal background, as shown to when he talks to Christine. Even if they aren’t romantically involved, Gardis leaves a deep impact in Christine’s life in different ways and it does show in the various other endings. Gardis puts his all into everything that he does, which can sometime be lovely or frightening — as shown in his bad ending.


3. Kent (Amnesia: Memories)


One of the best things about Kent is just how awkward he can be when it comes to romance and though he might be an extremely logical person, he tries his hardest to please the Heroine when she wants him to do something. They both grow up in their relationship and overcome the struggles they are having in order to finally enjoy the romance that they have between them, as shown withing certain endings. At the same time, he pays a lot of attention to her to the the point that he realizes something is wrong with her and though he fears she might hate him after learning the truth about their past; he doesn’t do anything that might hurt the Heroine from recovering those painful memories, unlike some of the other bacherlors.

2. Jieun (Dandelion – Wishes brought to You –)


It might be a little hard to get Jieun to warm up to Heejung at first, but they make a lot of development together once he becomes human. Jieun is observant and takes the time to understand Heejung’s situation and helps her move forward without the fear of drawing back and not needing to see him again once he disappears. They both grow and love, but both become self-sufficient in order to keep striving for their dreams during the time that they are apart. They might both hurt from their time apart, but they know that one day they will see each other again, and that is enough for now. Jieun has a lot of cute moments too, but as shown at the end of his route, he grows up to be a handsome and capable king.

1. Arsène Lupin (Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~)


From the beginning, Arsène is there to support Cardia and does his best to show her the ways of the world that she has been missing out of. However, aside from that, he has a strong sense of justice and he tries to do the right thing, even though he is a thief. Arsène also has a strong connection with the other members of the Gang through the course of the story, such as with Impey, and is willing to do anything to help them. Aside from that, he also has a lot of hilarious moments, usually with Herlock, but always seems to have something up his sleeve. Finally, regardless of his backstory, he has a well-rounded and mischievous personality who while trying to help Cardia falls in love with her (and he tries his hardest to show her that she isn’t the “monster” she constantly thinks she is, but never forcing her), they are also very devoted as shown in both the good and bad endings.

Thanks for sticking around and checking out my top 10! Did you see any choices that you agreed with? Who are some of your personal favorites love interest?


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