A Very Important Date 2nd Demo Review.

  • Alison Sunderland is a regular cafe worker in Ohio, who suddenly finds herself in a strange land.
  • Through an incident, she finds herself waking up in Gwyn Arkwright’s property and meeting said man who after hearing her story allows her to in the Looking Glass.
  • Alison meets her new coworkers and is allowed to pick her new position within the cafe. As she moves forward, Alison will learn about her new job and possibly about the new world that she is in. The question is that when everything is said and done, will she be able to go back to her own world or if she would even want to.

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This review will go a bit deeper into the game in regards to story, the beginning of certain routes, and new characters introduced. To read my initial thoughts about the game, check out my first review talking about the demo.

One of the major aspects of this new demo is that the game is now on Unity rather than Ren’py. While, I still have some confusion over the mechanics of this engine, it does give the game a bigger and more polished feel. Almost all of the graphics and GUI have received an update that makes it look nicer, but the font makes it a bit hard to read. The art has also received an upgrade with most characters looking better than before, especially Alison with her new outfit and how she looks in the CG with Gwyn. However, Sven just looks really weird compared to his original design in the first demo, which is kind of sad since he was the character I was looking forward to him the most. Nevertheless, this demo has given out some insight into certain routes within the game.

The demo starts off as the original did with Alison ending up in a different world and after Gwyn finds her, she starts working in the Looking Glass. From that point, Alison has three choices on who can teach her the ropes around the Looking Glass and how it works – Gwyn, Emil, and Rory. Within Emil’s route, he is more focused on having Alison train and learn the ropes of the Looking Glass as quickly as possible, much to her displeasure and anxiety. However, as she tries to handle everything thrown at her, she comes to see a sweeter side to Emil in how he worries from afar. In Gwyn’s route, Alison seems more like an assistant that helps clean his station as he gets lost in his work. Alison seems to be suffering from homesickness from time to time and seeks out Gwyn, though his cryptic words shows that he seems to be hiding a lot behind his easygoing smile.

In this demo, there are a lot more character interactions with the rest of the Looking Glass crew than in the first demo and it is great to get a sense of the character dynamics before they are pushed aside for the romance or potentially change. It is also good to get a sense of what routes the player might enjoy, since I was really drawn to Emil at first but Gwyn’s route interested me more after reading through all 3 preview chapters. Alison seems to be homesick but seems to be pushing it aside and is trying to find her temporary place within the Looking Glass, though it will be interesting to see how that changes as she fall in love and finds out the truth as to why she is there in the first place. Aside from all this, the music is very well done and does add an extra detail to the scene, especially during the scene between Gwyn and Alison where the magic really sets in!

Minor changes have been made to A Very Important Date, but it seems stronger than before, so if you have the time consider checking it out!


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